SARC Fox Hunt Rules

Updated 3/02/2014


  1. The Fox Hunt will be held on the first Saturday of the month, after breakfast at Maxfield's Restaurant, when announced and weather permitting.
  2. The Fox Hunt will be announced on the SARC Reflector (SARC-all), Radio Hill Gazette, and during the monthly SARC Regular Club Meeting.
  3. The starting point is in the parking lot adjacent to Maxfield.s Restaurant.
  4. The fox hunt will start approximately at 9:30 AM.
  5. The Fox Hunt Chairman will announce the start of the Hunt.
  6. The geographical boundaries for this hunt are: I-90 on the North, Route 53 on the east, Schaumburg Road on the South, and Barrington Road on the West. Note: boundaries are within the limits of Schaumburg Township borders.
  7. There is a one-hour time limit for the fox hunt.
  8. Certificates will be awarded to all participants during the SARC Regular Club Meeting.
  9. This is a sanctioned Schaumburg Amateur Radio Club event.

The Fox

  1. The Fox transmit on 144.630 MHz, with a CTCSS (pl) of 107.2 Hz.
  2. The Fox will clearly identify with his call sign, and will transmit an intelligible narrow band FM signal with no more than 5 KHz deviation.
  3. Must be heard by more than 50% of the hunters at the starting point.
  4. Must identify and transmit for a minimum of 60 seconds and start a transmission at least every 5 minutes. The fox may use a more frequent transmission schedule, which must be announced before the start of the foxhunt.
  5. May not change antenna, power or antenna position once the hunt has started.
  6. Must hide so the hunters can drive on a paved roadway, park their cars, and walk no more than 50 feet to the fox. Hiding areas must be accessible to the general public.
  7. Will not hide where admission is charged (i.e. drive-ins, pay sporting events, toll roads, etc.).
  8. The fox and crew will not operate any other 2-meter transmitters during the transmissions, which could cause interference with the hunt or hunters gear.
  9. Must provide a means to note the time and call of finishers.

The Hunter

  1. Hunters may be individuals; however, teams are strongly encouraged.
  2. Must check-in with the Fox Hunt Chairman or designate at the starting point, and identify the name and call sign of the Team.
  3. May not leave the starting point until released by the fox hunt chairman or designated substitute.
  4. Must not transmit when the Fox is on the air or operate any other transmitters during the transmissions which could cause interference with the hunt or other hunters gear.
  5. Automobile Drivers must have a valid Illinois Drivers License and mandatory IL Automobile Insurance to participate.
  6. Directional Antenna and attenuator are recommended.

These rules are subject to review and change.

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