Member Q&A Matt Walsh

Name and Call sign:

Matt Walsh, AC9IG

Years in amateur radio:


What radios and antennas do you frequently use:

Yaseu 450D on HF and Icom 208H for VHF and UFH

What modes do you operate:

SSB and FM

What SARC activities do you enjoy:

Field day is by far my favorite, followed closely by the public service opportunities the club has.

Describe your favorite aspect of amateur radio:

First and foremost I very much enjoy the fast paced world of contesting. It’s a great conversation starter when you can tell someone how you talked to people in several different countries in under an hour. After that, the building and necessary troubleshooting aspects of getting your station together and keeping it running well is a lot of fun.

What is the most interesting radio experience that you’ve had:

I’ve been a guest operator at WB9Z, who has a huge antenna farm not far from Kankakee. During the IARU HF Championship I was able to operate as W1AW/9 as an HQ station. It was non-stop because the HQ stations are worth additional points during that contest.

What got you started in amateur radio:

I had a high school teacher that kept talking it up, and showed a few of us some contesting one weekend from the school’s underused station one weekend. I didn’t get a license at that time, though. Years later I was reminded about the hobby at a weather spotter training class. I looked into it again and found that the CW requirement had been dropped and that with my electrical engineering background I already had a head start on a lot of the exam questions.

Outside of radio, what other activities do you enjoy:

In the summer I enjoy bike riding. My home is within easy access of several DuPage county bike trails. I don’t operate from my bike, I’ve tried but I usually get reports of a lot of wind noise in my audio. And in addition to building things for ham radio, I take on plenty of projects around the house, typically woodworking projects.