SARC in the Park May 26, 2018

May 26, 2018
May’s SARC in the Park was moved to the fourth Saturday of the month because of inclement weather on the original date. Quite a few radios and operators got on the air outside Schaumburg’s Community Recreation Center this morning.

Chicagoland Marathon

May 21, 2018
Plenty of club members volunteered their communications skills to help relay information throughout the course for the Chicagoland Marathon. Sunday, May 20th started off with a good downpour that postoned the start of the race about 30 minutes. And things didn’t get any drier from there. We thank everyone who braved the elements for this … Continue reading "Chicagoland Marathon"

MS Walk

May 6, 2018
The club supported the MS Walk fundraiser in Schaumburg on Sunday, May 5, 2018. There was a little rain before the event started but it quickly warmed up. Our members were the eyes on the course reporting back to the event organizers how the walk was progressing. We also relayed any requests for first aid … Continue reading "MS Walk"

Construction Project Photos

April 28, 2018
This week we repaired a Motorola service monitor, tested the SWR of an antenna, programmed a HT and used 4nec2 to confirm 2m antenna dimensions.

April Meeting

April 19, 2018
Several volunteers stepped up to help with field day preparations. We thank everyone for their help. Dirk W0RI presented HF digital modes with FLDIGI.