Ham Resources

The club’s members have compiled this list of some of our favorite ham radio resources

Get Licensed

Getting your amateur radio license requires taking a 35 question exam from the FCC. It's a lot easier than it sounds. Study for the exam with one of these books. You can probably find them at your local library. The ARRL Ham Radio License Manual...

On The Air

Looking for reasons to get on the air? Want to improve your operating skills? Upcoming Radio Contests Morse Code Resources DMR (Digital Mobile Radio) Active Talk Groups Chicagoland Control Center

News Links

American Radio Relay League Promotes and supports amateur radio and produces a monthly magazine QST . Amateur Radio Newsline  You can also listen to this at the end of every Thursday night net . Ham Radio Daily  Ham radio news. QRZ  ...


Radio Manufactures Icom Yaesu Kenwood Elecraft Alinco Where to buy. You can also find plenty of radio accessories at these vendors. DX Engineering Ham Radio Outlet This is the closest ham radio retail...

DX Spotting

These stations were recently heard on the air.

Contact Log Sheets

Below are 2 types of printable Contact Log sheets that can be used when operating portable. They are purposely set at 2 pages long, so that you can print double-sided if your printer allows. Contact Log Sheet - Standard Contact Log Sheet  -...