The club presents awards to two members each year. They are voted on by the membership during the November annual meeting and awarded during our Holiday Party in January.

Member of the Year

Member of the year is our membership’s way to recognize a specific member’s contribution to the club’s well-being during the previous year. Such recognition can be anything the voter decides was worthy of such honor. Announcement of this honor occurs at the Holiday Party in January.

Bill Smead K9IIM (sk) Construction Project Award

The Construction Project award was inspired and instituted by Roger Ryan W9RDR (sk) in 2007. SARC presented the very first edition of the Award to Bill in appreciation for his organizing and hosting hands-on events to help Hams repair, test, construct radio gear.

Construction Project (CP) has grown into a by-monthly venue where anywhere from 6 to 30+ Hams gather to solder wires, run test equipment, and rag-chew on Saturday mornings in the basement of the Tennis Club.

SARC Members write-in a member’s name on the Election Ballot to honor meaningful contributions during the previous year’s activities at Construction Project. The award is a traveling plaque that remains in the possession of the honored member until the next year’s vote. The Award is inscribed with this year’s winner ready for presentation at the Holiday Party in January.