Foxhunt July 29, 2023


We arrived at the CRC parking lot around 1815 hrs. After signing everyone in, we discussed what was ahead of us for the evening. There were 6 hunters ready to go. We all checked our radios to be sure we all had the correct frequency. I opened my trunk and showed off the 4 older radios as well as the Baofeng I would use as the fox, I thought. We then waited for a few minutes for the Witching Hour.

At 1855 hrs I took off to go hide. All started out well, but soon went bad when I found out that one of the old radios I was using was not transmitting. This was followed by all the rest of them zonking out.

Eventually, a ham (AC9VW) from an unknown location was the first to find me. Now the old radios started to act up. But this was unknown to me until one of the hunters told me no one was hearing anything..I went back to the Baofung which I got working again.

So , out of 6 hunters , 3 found me, 3 gave up. It was a good experience for all around. Next month I will use the mobile rig in the car.

Fox Hunt Antenna Build

SHHHHH! Be warry warry quiet, were going to be hunting foxes!

During one of our rare summer construction projects we built 7 new fox hunting yagis!

All antennas were tested and worked flawlessly, look out foxes. Thanks for everyone’s help to get this done.

Check the club calendar for event dates and times.

Field Day 2023 Photos

Field Day 2023 took place on the weekend of June 24. We had a great event even though a storm that came through about midnight tried to slow things down. Many of our members have shared the photos below showing just some of the the happenings at the 24-hour event.

We’re still crunching the numbers on contacts and bonus points. We’ll post the results when everything has been assembled.