Holiday Party

The club will host its annual holiday party on Thursday, January 17 at 7pm at Buona Beef in Hoffman Estates. This event takes the place of our club meeting which occurs at the same time. Food is available from Buona’s menu for purchase.

You’re welcome to bring family and friends to the event. And don’t forget about the grab bag. Bring a ham-radio related gift of up to $10, and you’ll be able to pull another gift from the grab bag. Make sure you wrap it so it’s a surprise to everyone participating.

Several events take place during the party:

  • Member of the Year announced
  • Construction Project Member of the Year announced
  • Prizes raffled off for checking in to our Thursday Net
  • Grab Bag

Upcoming Extra, General and Technician Classes

The Dupage Amateur Radio Club is sponsoring classes for the extra level, general level, and technician level ham radio licenses. This is an excellent opportunity to upgrade your license, especially if you’re looking to move to the extra level as these classes are not available often.

All classes start in early January and are free of charge. The exam can be taken on the last day of the class for a nominal $15 fee.

Please visit the Dupage Amateur Radio Club’s web set for dates, registration and recommended books. Dupage Amateur Radio Club Education

President’s Report November 2018

I would like to thank everyone who ran for an office at our November meeting. We were able to fill all elected positions for the 2019 year.

At the same November 15 meeting the club also discussed some proposed bylaw changes regarding the code of conduct. I commend the membership for having an informed discussion about what was proposed, voicing their concerns and ultimately sending the changes to a new committee made up of members and officers to implement the changes and concerns were discussed.

The club has an upcoming holiday party, but please be aware that it is January 17 in place of our normal club meeting. This is a fun celebration where we will announce the winners of Member of the Year, Construction Project Member of the Year and raffle off prizes for checking in to the net. The web site will have additional details of this party.

Winter Storm Causes Antenna Problems

After an early season winter storm dropped 8.4″ of snow and ice the weekend of November 25 many club members found their antennas covered in ice, drooping or bent. They’ll need a few more days until things start to melt to make a full assessment of the damages.

We’d like to remind everyone that the club has several resources for those of you looking to repair your antennas, or any other ham radio equipment. Members can post a message on Sarc-All which all club members then recieve in an email. This is a great way to start a discussion about building techniques, dimensions or repair ideas. If you’re taking your antenna down for reparis, why not bring it to our Construction Project on the second or fourth Saturday of the month? This event is well attended and those members brings plenty of construction and repair expertise to share.

N9JAX had a hex beam come off its mount due to an ice load.
This vertical at N9JAX is still standing and should straighten up when the snow melts.
KC9SGV found a lot of ice on a roof-mounted vertical.
A wire antenna KD9KMV has grown significantly in diameter with ice