MS Walk Public Service Event Recap

Club members prepare to deploy for the MS Walk public service event
Event Photo by Scott N9SLA
By Rob N9MVO


Special Thanks to those who participated in the MS Walk Public Service Event on Sunday, May 7th.

We got started early in the morning, before 8:00 AM to get organized and to find our locations for deployment and where we could park our cars without having to walk 3 miles to get to and from our locations.

We needed to be on our stations early, because we needed to drive on the course that participants would use once the Walk got started. Then there was a wait for the official start, but finally they started walking.

Some signage misunderstanding had many of the three mile walkers walking the 1 mile route, and then going back out to get the other two miles. This made for confusion as there were at least 3 groups or people who had been identified as the ‘last walker’. Eventually, the real ‘Last Walker’ was identified, and all completed their desired course.

However, the walk was completed, with no injuries or losses, so, I guess that means it was successful. The following SARC Members participated in support:

Darryl KB9RHR
Dennis KD9HIK
Howard KD9WSV
Scott N9SLA
Bill W9WEM
Doug W9YFC

Again, Special thanks to all who participated in this event.

The next event will be Field Day. We need LOTS of support for that event ! ! One week later is the Independence Day Parade in Hoffman Estates.

Public Service is an important part of Ham radio.

73 de N9MVO,


Upcoming Public Service Events

By Rob N9MVO

So far, we have two Public Service Events on the schedule, this year and it would be nice to get them on the calendar, as well.

MS Walk

Sunday, May 7th at 7:30 AM we will meet at Harper college (details forthcoming) for the MS Walk in Palatine. The walk is scheduled to start at 10:00 AM, but the road around the campus gets closed off earlier for the safety of the participants. The Walk should finish before noon. We need radio operators to man stations along the route to assist participants who may not be able to finish the walk. See the email to SARC members.

Hoffman Estates Independence Day Parade

On Saturday, July 1st, we will be supporting the Hoffman Estates Independence Day Parade on Illinois Blvd. between Schaumburg Road and somewhere west of Roselle Road. We need radio operators to walk the streets west of Illinois Blvd. to organize the parade units for that event.

We will meet for the briefing at 7:30 at the intersection of Illinois and Paris Lane. See the email in SARC-All for additional details.