President’s Report June 2018

June 27, 2018
Field day came together very well with our station captains and food captains bearing a good portion of the up-front work getting equipment and supplies together. We were able to return to our usual location at the water tank on Plum Grove road, but we implemented a shorter setup time. I’m glad to say that … Continue reading "President’s Report June 2018"

Field Day Dedicated in Memory of W9RDR, SK

June 22, 2018
The club will conduct it’s Field Day exercises this year in memory of Roger Ryan, W9RDR, SK. The club president provided the proclamation below to Roger’s family. Our SSB stations will also make occasional announcements stating that we are operating in Roger’s memory.

New Member Q&A: KD9LAI

June 14, 2018
Tim, KD9LAI attended his first SARC meeting in May and received a Baofeng UV-82X handheld donated to the club by Jim, KB9RGU. I asked him a few questions about ham radio now that he’s had some on-air time. What got you interested in ham radio? In the early 90’s I developed an interest in “world … Continue reading "New Member Q&A: KD9LAI"

New Member Q&A: KD9LCB

June 13, 2018
Jack, KD9LCB recently joined the club. I’ve been working with him to get a VHF/UHF station up and running. After he made a few on-air contacts I asked him for some thoughts his experience so far with ham radio What got you interested in ham radio? I got interested in ham radio by watching my … Continue reading "New Member Q&A: KD9LCB"