Schaumburg Amateur Radio Club Business Meeting October 15th 2020

Schaumburg Business Meeting       October 15th 2020

Held Virtual Meeting

Community Recreation Center Remains Closed

 October 15, 2020


With great sorrow we report the passing of Frank Giampa N9QPD.  Frank has been an enthusiastic contributor to our club for many years including holding such leadership offices of Director and Chairman of the Board.  Frank will be sorely missed by all of us. Rest in Peace Frank.


Geoff Stevens KA9QGH President called the virtual meeting to order at 7:00 PM




Danny Kafka  KD9HIL Pat Carlberg KD9PWI Burt Schultz AB9CV
Terry AE9TJ Geoff Stevens KA9QGH Rick Dickens  KY0Q
Ed Liska  AC9SD R. Kocourek W9RKK Jim WE9PP
John Zietlow  K9WIC Garrett K9GBN Daryl Jenks  KB9RHR
Kent Ochs W9KAO Mike Sorensen K9KQX Jodi KB9QAI
John N9IJS Lou N9LTW Steven Herff  KD9EFR
John Douglas  KD9KSH Kevin KB9QVX Don Dewar  KD9NJR
Leo Ribordy  N9NBH Jack W9YY Pierre K9EYE
Al KD9FIA Jim Campbell KB9RGU Cliff Sowka K9QD


Secretary’s Report:


Cliff Sowka K9QD requested a motion to accept the minutes of the October Board of Director’s meeting as presented virtually tonight.  So moved.  Minutes will also be published in the next issue of Radio Hill Gazette (RHG).


Treasurer’s Report:


Chris Brewer AC9GN. No Report.  Burt AB9CV and Cliff K9QD will be meeting with Chris on Sunday to craft a 2021 Budget.


Public Service:


Rob Glowacki N9MVO No Report.




John Zietlow K9WIC hosted a Shared-Screen presentation of two documents utilized during the September 26th exercise.


  • ARRL Radiogram
  • Government agency standard ICS 213


John explained the efficiency differences between each method and how digital modes can be of great help in speeding detailed messages.




Rob Glowacki N9MVO Not Present.  Terry AE9TJ reported systems operative.  Further discussion regarding utilization of the surplus Fusion machine at the Plum Grove water tank.  Mike K9KQX offered some options to bring the internet connection to that site from the Barrington Road infrastructure via an additional FTM100 or similar compatible radio that will enable WiresX.


Construction Project:


Bill McGovern W9WEM Not Present.  Construction Project meetings on hiatus until we obtain a re-opening ruling from the Park District.


VE Exams


John Schofield AC9JS provided the following report:  October 3, 2020


Name Call Class
Steven KD9PTY General


Technician 0
General 1
Extra 0
Total 1


Participating Volunteer Examiners (VEs):


Bill Davies K9WKD
Steve Karson AC9EM
Ed Lishka AC9SD
William Riess KW9WR
John Schofield AC9JS
Dirk Smith W0RI

Next examination date: plans for November 7, 2020 may change due to lack of facility.  Use of parking-lot venue may become difficult as weather deteriorates.  Ed Liska AC9SD informed there will be an update posted to announce future plans.


Radio Hill Gazette  RHG


Mike Griffiths K9KMV Not Present. Mike had previously requested articles for publication.




Bob N9JAX no report.




Group discussed a recent suggestion from Dirk W0RI:  a Road-Rally Fox Hunt to be organized in the coming weeks.  Several members expressed interest with some anecdotal examples of events that could be considered.




Leo N9NBH reports our training schedule will be on hiatus for the duration.


Other Item of Interest:


Roberto Beltramelli WA9E updated SARC-ALL regarding a recent SK Auction.  He spent a couple of hours at an Estate Sale held October 7th.  A number of items remain unsold.  About 50 items in the Ham Gear product line.  About 200 in the Commercial Two Way Radio equipment and antenna line.  About 25 pieces of test equipment including a Service Monitor.  Next HamFest maybe more of you will come out.  There are a hundred photos on the Valley Amateur Repeater Association facebook group site.




Daryl Jenks KB9RHR hosted the October 13th Tech Net.  There was no question of the evening due to short notice as Net Control.


Open the Net at 07:35 CDT



  1. Access to Tennis Club,  Cliff advised he had some donations to the club and he took them
    to the Tennis Club and was able to access out area without issues.  There was working using
    the Construction Project Area and cleaning tennis balls and Cliff had no issues.  It was
    questioned as to the exact ruling from the Schaumburg Park District as to when we would be
    able to use the facilities again. Dennis, KD9HIK commented that the last statement floating on this topic was the Tennis club and facilities were open to PAID members only.  Daryl, KB9RHR suggested that the Board take an official action as to ask the Park District as to OFFICIAL ruling on the use of the Park Facilities by non-Paying members such as SARC.2. WA9ECJ, Ron asked for suggestions for radio isolation as he has several UHF/VHF radios is use
    for various tasks and when any one radio transmits it overloads the receiver Front End
    on the other radios.  WE9PP, Mike suggested that he would gladly draw up a schematic that shows using the isolation relays it most of today’s radios to ground the receive signal when another radio
    transmits.  Mike and Ron will exchange emails, also KB9RHR will get a copy and forward to Webmaster
    for posting on the n9rjv webpage.3. WE9PP, Mike offered to assist anyone with broken radios once we can get back together
    during the Construction project.4. N9IJS, John asked if the Thursday night net was to be a Zoom Meeting and KD9HIK, Dennis
    confirmed it would be and watch SARC-ALL for emails for details.

    5. WA9E, Roberto advised that this Saturday was the Tower Removal for recent SK Ken Krzywicki.
    Watch SARC-ALL for details and all help would be welcome.

    6. WA9E, Roberto asked if anyone brought up discussion about the passing of Frank Giampa N9QPD a long time member of SARC. KD9HIK, Dennis advised there was an article on the Tribune Website advising how to send flowers to the family of Plant a Tree in memory of Frank.

    Closed the Net at 08:03 CDT


Thank you to all the hams that checked into the net Thursday evening.  The question for the

evening was “do you own a 2M/440 station in the house and do you have a 2M/440 in the



  1.   N9NBH                    Leo                net control
  2.   KB9RGU                 Jim
  3.   KD9KSH                 John
  4.   WA9E                     Roberto
  5.   K9EYE                    Pierre
  6.   K9WIC                    John
  7.   N9VU                      Gary
  8.   AC9SD                    Ed
  9.   K9KQX                    Mike
  10.     N9IJS                      John
  11. KY0Q                       Rick
  12. K9KBM                    Dave
  13.     KD9HIK                   Dennis
  14.     KD9JBS                  George
  15.     WB9VWM               Hugh
  16.     AC9EM                   Steve
  17.     KD9PNR                 Steve
  18.     KB9QVX                 Kevin
  19.     KB9RHR                 Darryl
  20.     N5PEF                    Dirk
  21.     N9MYC                   John
  22.     KD9NJR                  Don
  23.     KC9NMW                Tim
  24.     WB9VXN                 Brent
  25.     W9RKK                    Robert
  26.     N9LTW                    Lou
  27.     W9JPM                    Peter



Dennis KO9HIK No Report.




Mike Sorensen K9KQX did a shared-screen display of effective noise suppression he added to his SDR to overcome a neighbor’s Halloween display that used Pulse Width Modulation control of LEDs in the yard.  Noise suppression was impressive.


Old Business:




New Business:




Ask an Elmer




Motion to Adjourn:


8:08 PM

Submitted Friday October 16, 2020

Cliff Sowka K9QD Interim Secretary

Schaumburg Amateur Radio Club Board of Directors Meeting October 7th, 2020

Board of Directors Meeting,  7 October, 2020

With the help of Geoff KA9QGH’s ZOOM-enabled call, Burt Shultz AB9CV Chairman called the meeting to order at 7:00 PM


Burt Shultz AB9CV            Cliff Sowka K9QD          John Douglas KD9KSH
Geoff Stevens KA9QGH  Danny Kafka KD9HIL   John Zietlow K9WIC
Ed Liska AC9SD                  Leo Ribordy N9NBH    Dennis C. Calvey KD9HIK
Kent Ochs W9KAO

Secretary’s Report:

Cliff Sowka K9QD. No Report due to previous September ZOOM file being too large to transmit. Transcription of that meeting is not available but video may surface somehow if the electrical size can be managed and made available to the membership.


Election process for 2021 was discussed during the September meeting and call for leadership/volunteer was made to help SARC fulfill offices. It was decided avoidance of a mail-in vote process could be accomplished if we were able to secure sufficient nominations for the vacating Board seats and if we were able to convince current office-holders to serve an additional term. 30-Day advanced publication required according to our By-Laws of the current officer slate with the plan to certify officers for 2021 by vote of acclimation during the November meeting was accomplished with Mike K9KMV’s RHG publication for September:

Official Ballot
General Election
November 18th, 2020
Club Officers and Board of Directors

All Offices -1 Year term Board of Directors-3 year terms
Vote for One Vote for two


Geoff Stevens KA9QGH_________
Jim Campbell_KB9RGU__________
Vice President

Danny Kafka KD9HIL___________ Ed Lishka_AC9SD_______________

Secretary Special Recognition Awards
Cliff Sowka K9QD______________ On Hiatus for this cycle__________

Chris Brewer_AC9GN___________

Treasurer’s Report:

Chris Brewer AC9GN. No Report.

Public Service:

Rob Glowacki N9MVO. No Report.


John Zietlow K9WIC informed he will summarize the results of the event held Saturday morning Sep 26th, from 0900-1200. Event was organized to establish a resource net and other activities.


Leo N9NBH reported the hospital machine, coax, antenna, and lightning suppressor has been placed in his basement for the moment. Mike K9KQX and Leo went to St. Alexius and removed the repeater. 

Leo will offer his ideas for the surplus machine during New Business.

Construction Project:

Bill McGovern W9WEM. No report

VE Testing:

Ed Lishka AC9SD. No Report


No Report.

Radio Hill Gazette RHG:

No Report. Mike K9KMV was able to publish the proposed 2021 Officer Slate in the September RHG.

Recurring Calendar:

Insurance, Meeting Room Reservations for the Airport, Tennis Plus Basement, and CRC, need to be renewed for 2021. Cliff K9QD to resurrect previous traffic to assist in establishing the proper governmental contacts required.


Geoff KA9QGH. No report.


Dennis C. Calvey KD9HIK Publicity Chair reported there may not be a published re-opening plan from the Schaumburg Park District for several months. Apparently permanent employee terminations have occurred and the limited staff remaining have no information at the moment.


John KD9KSH. Present. Nothing to report for obvious reasons. Dirk W0RI has suggested a Road Rally event via SARC-ALL. Interest is building.


Leo N9NBH. No Report.


Bill Crocket KD9AUP has moved; a new chairman will be required. A presentation for the October Business Meeting is currently planned.

Old Business:

An invoice was presented for “Website Listing Service”. Invoice was referred to Matt Walsh for verification. Ed AC9SD will send the invoice notice (due December) to Chris AC9GN so that our Domain N9RJV.ORG is renewed for 3-years at $180.

New Business:

Fusion Machine: Leo N9NBH moved we replace the current 440 machine with the Fusion machine currently in storage. Since there are new members with digitally-enabled equipment, it would be a good idea to upgrade our 440 capability. Kent W9KAO had previously expressed desire to retain our current occupancy (squatter’s rights!) at the Plum Grove tower so it will require some logistics/hardware solutions to enable the additional internet connectivity if the machine remains at Plum Grove. Seconded by Geoff KA9QGH. So Moved.

SK Tower Removal. John KD9KSH is organizing the removal of Ken Krzywicki KD9HIJ’s tower. Current plan is to meet Saturday October 17th at 8:30 AM.

Motion to Adjourn:

Meeting adjourned 7:55PM. Submitted October 8th 2020. Cliff Sowka K9QD Interim Secretary