VE Testing

John Shofield provided the following report:  Results March 3rd, 2018

Name Call Class
Walgenbach, Neil E. AC9SK Extra
Chen, Hao KD9KLX Technician
Richier, Taylor L. KD9KLY Technician
Bizon, Bartlomiej KD9KLZ Technician


Technician 3
General 0
Extra 1
Total 4

Next examination date: April 7th, 2018

All of us at SARC would like to congratulate all those that received or upgraded their license this month, and we welcome you to the amateur radio community.  Hope to hear you on the air.   Should you have any questions, come join SARC at our regular monthly meeting on the 3rd Thursday of the month or stop in at one of the Construction Meetings.