Schaumburg Amateur Radio Club Board of Directors Meeting April 4, 2018

Frank Giampa N9QPD Chairman opened the meeting at 7:00 PM.


Leo Ribordy               N9NBH  Dennis Calvey      KD9HIK    Cliff Sowka                      K9QD

Matt Walsh                 AC9IG    Kent Ochs            W9KAO    Frank Giampa                 N9QPD

Dirk Smith                    W0RI    Chris Brewer         AC9GN

Treasurer’s report:

Chris Brewer AC9GN reports: beginning balance $4,932.21.  Income was $23.97.  Expense was $512.86 for Data Line, Service Manual, Insurance, and Repeater equipment.  Ending balance $4,443.32.  Paid membership is currently 64.

President’s Report:

Matt AC9IG reports we’re still in need of a Field Day Chair. Matt’s newly created N9RJV.ORG website is experiencing about 15 hits per day.  Discussed some further enhancements that we may be able to institute to provide event more flexibility.

Membership Chair:

Bob Benwitz KD9IPO not present but provided this report: 

The following web inquiries were responded to via phone or email during the month of March

3/5   Ron Delpiere Smith    KD9IPO

3/8   Randy Bartosiewicz    W9RTB

3/9   Taylor Richier              (no call sign shown)

Additionally the membership committee report for March should acknowledge that the email to all “dues delinquent” members shown on our recently scrubbed roster was sent out bcc to all recipients with a copy of the email text forwarded to SARC Board on 3/27.

Any forthcoming dues that the club receives as a result of this email should be updated via coordination between the treasurer and the keeper of the master current club roster.

SARC Repeaters:

Kent W9KAO reports a node change may have improved the code bugs that created some recent access failures.  Servers are supposed to replicate each other but the audit trail didn’t reveal any anomaly that may have prevented some recent EchoLink invocations.  There has been recent software updates and the problems may be fixed.

Secretary’s Report:

Cliff Sowka K9QD:  Approval of Meeting Minutes as published in the RHG.


Bob Langsfeld WB9TZC not present but provides following report:

May 20 is the ChicagoLand Marathon.

Auxiliary Communications radio operators will be needed.  A dual band hand-held radio will work for most assignments.  Preprogram your radios with the EMCOMM frequencies found on N9RJV.  John K9WIC is our liaison and contact person for the event.

Save the date Oct 26 and 27 for the State Dark Web II.Exercise.   More to come on this. Amateur radio will have a roll.

No EmComm Round Table April due to the Hanover Township conference.

No EmComm Round Table May due to Dayton Hamfest scheduled same weekend.


Dennis Calvey KD9HIK:

  • Waiting for confirmation from Schaumburg Township Public Library about General Class License before forwarding to ARRL Section or local media.
  • Intent is to provide information to ARRL & local media as events are formally announced.
  • Can we publish on website and announce MS Walk, May 5 2018; Hoffman Estates 4th of July Parade?

Discussion Points:

Casual tour of local Amateur Radio club web sites shows a wide range of representations.  One common element appears to be the landing pages appear to written for Hams, rather than an uninitiated visitor.

The ARRL.ORG home page is similar, but provides a visible link “What is HAM radio?” ( The link provides an elevator speech answer:

“Amateur Radio (ham radio) is a popular hobby and service that brings people, electronics and communication together. People use ham radio to talk across town, around the world, or even into space, all without the Internet or cell phones. It’s fun, social, educational, and can be a lifeline during times of need.”

The “What is HAM radio?” page continues with a variety of topics and FAQs.

Some local club web sites also provide links to their Facebook pages where information about events, information, discussion and questions are posted (from Facebook page of Fox Valley Radio League).

M S Walk Event Support

May 5, 2018

The FRRL will be providing communication support for the MS Walk in St. Charles again this year.   See the M S Walk website for details.

Construction Project

Gary N9VU:  not present.


Robert Kocourek W9RKK will be preparing for the ‘Pilot Pete’s’ institutionalized club social event for sometime in September.  We haven’t held this event at Pilot Pete’s for several years due to their current insistence on guaranteed attendance numbers.  It’s been difficult for the restaurant to plan their facility’s seating/capacity so they’ve tightened the rules .  That loss of flexibility has precluded our desire to continue with them for the club’s social event.


Leo N9NBH reported plans for a winter General Class with the Library District are in place.  September 8th through the end of October at the Hoffman Estates facility, same as last Fall’s Technician class.

VE Test

Dirk W0RI provided a brief update regarding member’s wellbeing on the VE team.


Mike K9KQX not present.  Dirk W0RI reported on Mike’s behalf requesting additional support on a bi-monthly basis.

Public Service

Rob N9MVO not present but previously reported MS Walk May 6th Sunday at Schaumburg Baseball Stadium.  More details as we come nearer to the date.


Cliff Sowka K9QD:  Dirk W0RI will present an overview of Digital Modes for April’s Business Meeting.  The May presentation will be Field Day preparations.



Dennis KD9HIK:  Reminds that our website needs posting of the MS Walk and Hoffman 4th of July Parade added to our published events.  July 29th is the Schaumburg Tri-Athlon (Splash Peddle Dash).


Matt AC9IG observes good participation.

Ebay Sales

Gary N9VU Not present.

Old Business

Field Day (FD) Chair is needed.  Rob N9MVO will begin the permit process for the water tower on Plum Grove.  Kent W9KAO and Frank N9QPD proposed some ideas in case there is no one willing to be FD Captain:  Run FD Saturday afternoon only without any overnight/Sunday morning activity.  Matt AC9IG will present this idea during our April Business Meeting and request someone step forward to Chair FD else obtain group agreement for curtailed event this year.

Four club members are organizing the staffing plan for the Fall opening of Construction Project (CP) this coming September.  CP will need a new Chairman starting this fall as Gary N9VU has requested vacating that role.

New Business

Matt AC9IG will set limited website access for authorized members:  Publicity, RHG, Secretary, who will go through a single Webmaster filter step before their materials are published on the site.   Also discussed possibility for Contact Form entry to allow paid members in good standing the ability to upload Ham Radio items unencumbered.

Unauthorized Facebook site will be taken down once we find the controlling author who created this unused/dormant account.

Adjourn 9:00 PM

Submitted: April 5, 2018.  Cliff Sowka K9QD Secretary.