Schaumburg Amateur Radio Club Business Meeting May 17, 2018

Matt Walsh AC9IG President opened the meeting at 7:00 PM.


Matt Walsh AC9IG Frank Giampa N9QPD Ken Krzysicki KD9HIJ
Rob Glowacki N9MVO Bob McIntyre W9DXR Bob Zuttermeister W9GEW
Robert Kocourek W9RKK Don Traxler WA9UBR Danny Kafka KD9HIL
Rick Cook KC9PLO Leo Ribordy N9NBH John Zietlow K9WIC
Bill McGovern KD9JQM Ed Lishka AC9SD Wade Wacaer AF9I
Burt Schultz AB9CV Doug May   Bob Benwitz N9JAX
Roy Baker K9EYT Kent Ochs W9KAO Steve Karson AC9EM
John Stuebe W9JFS Chris Brewer AC9GN John Douglas KD9KSH
Tim Manwell KD9LAI        

Treasurer’s report

Chris Brewer AC9GN not reported a starting balance of $4443.32, an income of $149.27, expenses paide of $50.30 for the data line and an ending balance of $4542.24. 77 paid members were reported.

President’s Report

Matt AC9IG thanked those who participated in the MS walk and encouraged members to help with the upcoming public service events.

Construction Project

Will resume in September. SARC in the Park takes it’s place during the summer months.

Public Service

Rob N9MVO thanked those involved with the MS walk. He reported that the weather cleared up quickly and that the MS walk management appreciated our tracking of the last gropu through the course.

Upcoming events: Hoffman Estates Fourth of July parade. Only an HT is necessary for this event. Our task is to make sure all of the units for the parade are where they belong before the parade start so we can get them out in order and have the parade go in an orderly fashion. We also report late or missing units.

RHG – Radio Hill Gazette

Matt AC9IG has temporarily taken over publishing duties. Articles can now be submitted through a link at the bottom of the web site and interesting discussions on SARC all may be reproduced as part of the RHG.

SARC Repeaters

Kent W9KAO reports the UHF repeater was offline for a short while due to a failed attenuator. He has made a temporary repair and will be making a final repair after parts are purchased at Hamvention in Dayton.


John K9WIC reported details of the deployment for the Chicagoland Marathon on May 20th. Due to Hamvention in Dayton, the May EMCOMM meeting has been cancelled.

Social Activities

Robert W9RKK reported the details of three options for the SARC family Picnic. The membership voted for Lou Malnati’s (9). Fudruckers (4) and Chandlers (3) also being options. A motion was passed to provide the $50 refundable deposit. The picnic will take place at 5pm on September 8, 2018 at Lou Malnati’s, 1 South Roselle Road, Schaumburg.


Leo N9NBH reported we have a confirmed space at the Hoffman Estates Library for our general-level license class starting on September 8. Look for it to be published on the library’s web site and mailing in the coming months.

VE Test

No testing team members present to report.

Next examination date: June 2, 2018


April and May’s programs will be a discussion of field day equipment and logistics.


Not present.


Matt AC9IG reports there are a few more nets to check in to before the raffle drawing at Field Day dinner. Every check in gets you an additional entry in the raffle.

Ebay Sales

Not Present

Old Business:

None to report.

New Business

None to report.

Adjourn 7:34 PM

Submitted: May 26th, 2018.  Matt Walsh President on behalf of Cliff Sowka K9QD Secretary (not present).