Schaumburg Amateur Radio Club Board of Directors Meeting June 6, 2018

Frank Giampa N9QPD Chairman opened the meeting at 7:02 PM.


Leo Ribordy N9NBH Cliff Sowka K9QD Peter Maziuk N9POL
Matt Walsh AC9IG Kent Ochs W9KAO Frank Giampa N9QPD
Dirk Smith W0RI Chris Brewer AC9GN Danny Kafka KB9HIL
Ken Kryzywicki KD9HIJ

Treasurer’s report

Chris Brewer AC9GN reports: beginning balance $4,542.24. Income was $95.51. Expense was $187.95 for Data Line, Annual Social Party $50 deposit, Yearly website hosting for an Ending balance $4,449.80. Paid membership is currently 82.

President’s Report

Matt AC9IG reports he will present his agenda at end of regular committee reports. Happy to see excellent Public Service support. Bob Langsfeld has resigned his EMCOMM role.

Membership Chair

Bob Benwitz N9JAX not present but provided the following report.

The following prospective members were contacted by phone/email for the month of May 2018:

5/11   “Tim” in Elk Grove   (no last name or call sign given)

5/11     Mike Griffiths     KD9KMV

5/17    Doug May   (at May club meeting plans on joining)

5/30   William Morton     W9LJW

Bob Benwitz

SARC Repeaters

Kent W9KAO reports we do have a new input attenuator to correct the failure of the tank-mounted UHF amplifier. Purchased a 50W attenuator for $160 (has headroom of double the power-handling needed).

Secretary’s Report

Cliff Sowka K9QD: Approval of Meeting Minutes as published in the RHG.


Bob Langsfeld WB9TZC has vacated his role and the club will begin the search for replacement.


Dennis Calvey KD9HIK not present.

Construction Project (CP)

No Activity scheduled until fall. Currently five members [Rob N9MVO, Russ KC9NUV, Leo N9NBH, Bill KD9JQM, Dave KD9JKG] already on the short list of potential supporters. Matt AC9IG will confirm a staffing plan before September CP resumption.


obert Kocourek W9RKK not present but provided following update: “I’ve secured a reservation for the SARC dinner at Lou Malnati’s. It will be Saturday September 8th at 5pm. We have a two hour time block from 5-7pm. [$50 reservation deposit submitted].

Because of our requirement to have separate checks, Lou Malnati’s wants to have our orders a week in advance. This is to keep us in that 2 hour time block in case of late arrivals. Normally for a large group such as ours (approx 25 people) they prefer we take a group package with a limited menu (pizza and soft drinks).

September is a long way off so I’ll reminder you in August and take your orders then”.

Lou Malnati’s Schaumburg
1 South Roselle Road (Roselle Rd & Schaumburg Rd)
Schaumburg, IL 60193


Leo N9NBH reported plans for a winter General Class with the Library District are in place. September 8th through the end of October at the Hoffman Estates facility, same as last fall’s Technician class. Leo will ask members to volunteer as instructors for one or two modules of the class materials.

VE Testing

Dirk W9RI reports 7 total with 6 students passing: 4 Technician and 2 Extra.


Mike K9KQX not present.

Public Service

Rob N9MVO not present.


Cliff Sowka K9QD:   The May presentation will be Field Day preparations.  I will be out of town that evening.


Cliff Sowka K9QD: The June presentation will be preparation for Field Day. No program is scheduled for July’s meeting but Fox Hunt demonstration is a suggested topic. Need member familiar with Fox Hunting to prepare simple demonstration for the group.

Ebay Sales

Gary N9VU has resigned his role; new leadership will be sought. Russ KC9NUV and Cliff K9QD have received SK donations with Ron Remus WB9PTA assisting in sorting through some inventory to determine useful items for placement into the Construction Project cabinets.

New SK donations: iCOM 720A Station, SB500, Heath SB101 Xcv’r, and various test equipment received. Condition not evaluated yet but placed into the storage cabinets already.

Field day

Site Permit application with the Village is undetermined at the moment. Rob N9MVO hasn’t updated process yet. Chris obtained Insurance Rider paperwork required by the Village.

Old Business

Old, dormant Facebook site has been taken down.

New Business

Board Vacancy: Leo N9NBH moved Dirk W0RI seconded the nomination of Peter Maziuk N9POL to fill the Board’s open Director Role; So moved. Peter Maziuk N9POL elected Director through December 2018.

Due to July 4th being the first Monday of the month, our next Board meeting will be July 11th.

Dirk W0RI suggested the club consider adding censure/dismissal procedures to the By-Laws in time for the November election cycle or even for a nearer-term Special Meeting be called after adjournment of a regular business meeting. Since our current By-Law review procedures require a 30-day notice to membership before any move can be taken, Leo N9NBH, Peter N9POL, and Dirk W0RI formed a committee tonight to craft Membership censure/dismissal verbiage that will authorize SARC Membership authority to dismiss members deemed behaving inappropriately. This new committee plans to have their recommendation ready for the Board by August. This will allow September publication and presentation to SARC Membership by October.


8:51 PM

Submitted: Jun 7th 2018. Cliff Sowka K9QD Secretary.