Schaumburg Amateur Radio Club Business Meeting June 21, 2018

Matt Walsh AC9IG President opened the meeting at 7:11 PM.


Leo Ribordy N9NBH Danny Kafka KD9HIL Cliff Sowka K9QD
Matt Walsh AC9IG Bob Z. W9GEW Frank Giampa N9QPD
D J Traxler WA9UBR Chris Brewer AC9GN Bob Kocourek W9RKK
Russ Schmidt KC9JUV Rob Glowacki N9MVO Terry Jarholm KD9LEU
Rick Cook KC9PLO Mike Clodfelter AC9CG Burt Schultz AB9CV
Bob McIntyre W9DXR Don Smith K9UD Wake Wacaser AF9I
John Douglas KD9KSH Edward Lishka AC9SD Doug May KD9CER
Alan Lee ND9D Bob Benwitz N9JAX Jim Campbell KB9RGU
Ken Krzywicki KD9HIJ Kevin Shin K9AAB    

Treasurer’s Report

Chris Brewer AC9GN reports: beginning balance $4, 542.22.  Income was $95.53.  Expense was $187.95.  Ending balance $4,449.80.  Paid membership is currently 82.

President’s Report

Matt AC9IG regretfully reports the passing of Roger Ryan W9RDR.  SARC is conducting our 2018 Field Day (FD) in Roger’s memory and Matt has communicated our plan to his widow Deborah Ryan.  We thank Roger for his many contributions throughout the years.

For this year’s FD event, we anticipate being visited by ARRL W9XA around dinnertime on Saturday.  He plans to make the rounds to several clubs so the specific time of his presence for our event is undetermined.

Dues for 2018 are to be renewed by June 30th.

Membership Chair

Bob Benwitz N9JAX no report.

SARC Repeaters

Kent W9KAO not present.  Kent has expressed his desire to transition his Chief Engineering duty to other club members and will assist in familiarization and training of our many machines’ installation details and technical system aspects to allow an orderly appointment of new Engineering talent for the repeaters.

We thank Kent for his many years’ contribution of electronics/software support that has resulted in very favorable VHF/UHF performance and ongoing timely maintenance of the club’s main radio assets.

Secretary’s Report

Cliff Sowka K9QD:  Approval of Meeting Minutes as published in the RHG.


Bob Langsfeld WB9TZC not present.  Bob informs that Bill Clark Schaumburg EMCOMM Coordinator requests SARC’s staffing:

On July 17, 0830-1200 HRS, an EOC Functional Exercise will be held at the Schaumburg EOC. I request that 3-4 members of the Certified SARC EMCOMM Team participate in the exercise as Operational Communications is one of the core capabilities being evaluated.

I appreciate any assistance that the team can provide.

Thank you,  Bill Clark


Dennis Calvey KD9HIK  not present.

Construction Project (CP)

There are currently five members [Rob N9MVO, Russ KC9NUV, Leo N9NBH, Bill KD9JQM, Dave KD9JKG] already on the short list of potential supporters.  Matt AC9IG will confirm a staffing plan before September CP resumption.


Robert Kocourek W9RKK organized this year’s ‘Pilot Pete’s’ institutionalized club social event at Lou Malnati’s for September 8th.  We haven’t held this event at Pilot Pete’s for several years due to their current insistence on guaranteed attendance numbers.  It’s been difficult for the restaurant to plan their facility’s seating/capacity so they’ve tightened their requirements.  That loss of flexibility has precluded our desire to continue with them for the club’s social event.  Robert will be communicating specific details as we get closer to event.


Leo N9NBH reported plans for a winter General Class with the Library District are in place.  September 8th through the end of October at the Hoffman Estates Hassle Road facility, same as last fall’s Technician class.   SARC’s Class should appear in village schedule by July.

VE Testing

Dirk W9RI not present.


Mike K9KQX not present.  Matt added the feature-set to our new website that allows extemporaneous article submissions with reasonable editing capability.

Public Service

Rob N9MVO reports the 4th of July for Hoffman Estates will be 9AM on Illinois Blvd.  Expectation of headcount required about 12 people to help guide parade participants to allow the event to begin on time.  SARC will provide Communication with the Reviewing Stand.

29th of Jul Schaumburg Tri-Athlon:  Held at Mineke Park as in the past.  Rob will set up his base station equipment at the intersection of Wethersfield and Roselle in the bank’s parking lot.

We expect about 15 members will be needed for the event.  A fully-charged HT has proven sufficient for prior events.  The SARC website has the frequency listing for our EMCOMM events.  We plan to use our 2-Meter machine for the morning’s course management.

This is probably our club’s most important EMCOMM activity as it demonstrates our group’s commitment to the Schaumburg Park District’s annual event.


Cliff Sowka K9QD:   Our July presentation needs a host.  There are many talents within our club’s membership and we’re anticipating someone will come forward with a subject for our meeting; else I plan to download a YouTube video from Twilight Zone (suggested we view the classic “It’s a Cook Book”) as filler if invitation for presenter fails.


Steve AC9EM is hosting the Thursday Night Nets.  Matt AC9IG reports log-ins of 251 and 167 were SARC members.  Participation Lottery Awards of a $25 ARRL Gift Certificate and one T-shirt will be announced during dinner on FD Saturday.

Ebay Sales


Old Business


New Business

Matt reviewed Field Day plans by station.  Antenna install begins 7AM Saturday Morning.  Final assignments for emergency power, chairs, tables, and food plans were finished.



Submitted: June 22, 2018  Cliff Sowka K9QD Secretary.