President’s Report July 2018

Our public service events for the season have concluded but there are still other opportunities for you to help out. Two of the largest ham radio events take place over the next few months. On Sunday, September 16 the North Shore Radio Club supports the North Shore Century 100 mile bike ride. And on Sunday, October 7 over 100 hams volunteer to support communications at the Chicago Marathon. Both of these events are still looking for volunteers. I’ve worked both of them for the past few years and have thoroughly enjoyed both. Please let me know if you’re interested and I can get you more information.

August is a fairly slow month for the club. Take advantage of this time and check things out at your home station. Make sure everything is in working order. Get any work done you need to on outdoor antennas. And note any equipment in the shack that isn’t working as well as it should. In September we start up our construction project and that is a great place to work on anything you find in your shack that isn’t “just right.”

And don’t forget that we’re teaching a general level license class starting in October. Sign up by following the previous link. If you’d like to help teach the class please contact our education chairman.