Novice Exam from 1983

Ken KD9HIJ recently came across a novice level exam from 1983.

Novice exam, 1983

The full exam can be seen here. See how you do!

On our discussion board Bruce N9EHA had a few memories about the exam.

That’s awesome. [It] could be an exam you could have given to someone for a Novice test I suppose. Remember that back then, a Novice exam could be administered by just a single ham with a General class license or higher. No trip down to the FCC field office until you wanted to take the Technician exam. You also had to give them their 5 WPM code test, and they could either answer 7 out of 10 questions (IIRC) about the text sent, usually a mock QSO, or they could just show one minute of solid copy, which was 25 characters in a row with no mistakes.

Good blast from the past to see some old Novice exams again. Especially from Ameco, who wrote a lot of the radio license license books that people recommended to me. Back then, people recommended I pick up either the Heath Kit ham radio training course, or the Ameco book, along with what elmers would teach me for everything else. After that, everyone used to recommend the “Bash Books” by Dick Bash, to pass the Technician test. I can’t remember if the entire question pool was published back then when the FCC was still administering the ham radio exams.