From the President January 2019

So, this is my first president report as the New Schaumburg Amateur Radio Club President.  Not much to report yet. We had a wonderful Christmas/Holiday party on the 17th. Raffled prizes were won by new members and old members alike. I have already missed my first board meeting as was pointed out to me by more than a few people. No worries, I will be in attendance for the February meeting on the 6th to make sure there are no radio hijinks going on.

So, as we approach the deepest solar minimum in modern history lets keep in mind that working DX might literally require work for those rare contacts, but rest assured, given enough time and patience the contact can be made. For our VHF/UHF aficionados, this will not be of much concern. It really does not matter what mode or band you operate, there is so much to experiment with that if you have any interest at all you can be kept busy for a long time. The key is to enjoy what you do.

See you at the next meeting

Geoff Stevens