Schaumburg Amateur Radio Club Business Meeting March 21, 2019

Geoff KA9QGH President called the meeting to order at 7:00 PM.

Rebecca KA9EFE brought brownies!


Wake Wacaser AF9I Danny Kafka VP KD9HIL Jim Campbell KB9RGU
Kevin Willard KB9QVX Rob Glowacki N9MVO Burt Shultz AB9CV
Rick Cook KC9PLO Geoff Stevens KA9QGH Doug May W9YFC
DJ Traxler WA9UBR Mike Griffiths KD9KMV Robert Kocourek W9RKK
John Zietlow K9WIC Bill Crockett KD9AUP Terry Jarholm AE9TJ
Edward Lishka AC9SD Dennis Calvey KD9HIK Bob McIntyre W9DXR
Chris Brewer AC9GN Roberto Beltramelli WA9E Cliff Sowka K9QD
Dale Kwarta NJ9E Phil McBride WB9C Steve Karson AC9EM
Greg Howard Mike Sorensen K9KQX Leo Ribordy N9NBH
Kevin Mukahirn KD9MKD Peter Maziuk N9POL Frank Giampa N9QPD

Treasurer’s Report

Chris Brewer AC9GN reported:

Beginning Balance           $5,026.29

Income                                 $   378.00

Expense                               $     93.53  ($60.42 Data Line, $46.55 club raffle prizes, Sec’y State Annual Rpt)

Ending Balance                  $5,307.76

Current fully-paid membership:  75

President’s Report

Geoff KA9QGH opened the meeting with introductions and Question of the Night:  “when using phone, do you talk directly straight-on or on the side?”  Finished discussion on imaginary numbers and survey shows there is only limited interest in Extra class.


Dennis Calvey KD9HIK will be contacting the Board with some publicity ideas.

SARC Repeaters 

Terry will be purchasing spares for our machines.   The BOD has approved $200 headroom for inventory acquisition.


Bob Benwitz N9JAX not present.

Secretary’s Report

Cliff Sowka K9QD:  Approval of Meeting Minutes as published on our website.


John K9WIC EMCOMM Chairman reminded April 27th Statewide exercise Illinois simulation exercise from 8AM to 4PM.  There will be four, one-hour increments to simulate propagation efficiency statewide.   JT8 may also be invoked to ascertain viability.

There will also be a joint exercise involving multiple communities and agencies during the week of June 17-21, 2019.  This exercise will likely include amateur radio participation.  It should be noted that time is the week leading up to Field Day.

Construction Project (CP)

Meeting this coming Saturday is on schedule.  We had attendance of 29 people last session.

The current Park District Free-Rental Agreement for the basement facility needs to be renewed.  Vince K. has retired and the ladies at the front desk of the Tennis Club told us Richard W. was the new Superintendent.  We will need to renew our insurance rider as well.


John KD9KSH not present; will assume Social Chairman Role for 2019.


Leo N9NBH reported he will hold a Tech class this fall and the library district requires 6-month notice for publication.  Mike Griffiths KD9KMV inquired if there is interest within the club for CW classes. Several discussions revolving around the viability for continued CW operation within the Ham Community ensued.

VE Testing   

John AC9JS not present but previously reported VE Tests Results for March, 2019

VE Tests Results for March 2, 2019

Name Call Class
Scott Witten Jr KI5DOP Technician
Charles Davis KD9MOY Technician
Matthew Anderson KD9MOZ General
Mark Pavia Jr KD9MPA Technician
Jeffery Blackman KD9MPB General
Glen Otto KD9MGH Extra


Technician 3
General 2
Extra 1
Failed to Upgrade 2
Total 8


Next examination date: April 6, 2018


Mike KD9KMV has taken RHG duty and already spoken with Matt AC9IG to affect orderly transition.

Public Service

Rob N9MVO reported MS Walk is moving all the way to Roselle May 5th.  Rob will have the MS Society link posted to SARC-ALL as this will help them register participants.  We need to arrive about 7AM for the 3 mile walk.  We’re usually finished by 11AM.  Expect about 1 mile propagation needs so an HT is adequate.  Rob expects he’ll need about 10 hams to work the event.

Future events include Hoffman’s Fourth of July Parade and Triathlon in the summer; details soon.


Cliff K9QD reported that a new Program Chair is needed for 2019.  John K9WIC EMCOMM Chair will present Communicating Effectively tonight.


Tech Net Tuesday 7:30 and general net every Thursday 8PM except the third Thursday of the month.

Salvation Army has been given our club’s permission to use our 2M machine on Monday nights.  Their reports are indicating they’re able to hear participants from Rockford and Rochelle;  state our machine’s coverage is working well for them.

Ebay Sales

No eBay sales to report

New Business

Need to add committee chairs to the SARC-BD email reflector to help internal efficiency.

Steve Karson AC9EM asks about current plans for this year’s Field Day:  reminded we’ll need to get permits, insurance rider, committee formation.

Old Business

Hereby Invoking Required 30-Day Notice Provision

Committee asks membership to approve mechanism presented to the Board of Directors during February session that allows the club to remove an undesirable member(s).

Two separate proposals:

Article III Section 5

Revocation of Membership for cause will be considered in a method specified by the Board of Directors

Article VIII   Section 3

No member shall act in an official capacity on behalf of SARC, or allocate/order emergency funding without having prior approval of three (3) members of the Board of Directors.

Ask an Elmer

Mike KD9KMV purchased a solar panel and battery but seemed to be non-operational.  He took some measurements and then called customer service desk.  It seems the required 13V is not available but he measures 20V with no load.  The group tonight offered some ideas to trouble-shoot the equipment.

Adjourn  8:19 PM

Submitted: March 22, 2019 by Cliff K9QD during the prearranged absence of Ken KD9HIJ, Secretary.