From the President June 2019

From the President,

So, Field Day has come and gone. There were some attendees that thought this was the best Field Day that they have ever been to, and there were others who thought the turn out was less than lack-luster. I suppose the most important thing was that for the people that attended they we able to get their Field Day itch satisfied. For all of those that did not attend, on such a stunningly beautiful day, I have no clue. The SSB Phone tent was SSB’ng and the GOTA tent, both of the them were…. GOTA’ng and doing the needful by educating newcomers and getting people on the air. The CW tent just barely bested last years results before the plug was pulled an hour before the official end. All in all, it was a good Field Day. Like every Field Day we are compelled to evaluate what was good, what was bad, and what we will never do again.

Here are some thoughts on what was good.

  • We all came out and got this Field Day up and running.
  • We operated and made a load of contacts (zero sunspots).
  • The food was outstanding.
  • We laughed, learned, cussed, and enjoyed the time together.

Here are some thoughts on what we can improve.

  • More people from the club coming out and supporting this long-lived tradition.
  • More willingness to operate.
  • More enthusiasm. I overheard someone grumbling “…And why are we doing this”.

Some thoughts on what we are never going to do again.

  • We are never going to have a Field Day again without a Field Day chair.

So, my pledge to this club is that I will be running for re-election as President. In addition to this, I will push to remove the Field Day chair position and incorporate it with the duties of the next elected President. I will also push to have the dues to be paid by the member, who wins the next and future election to the President’s office, waived.


Geoff Stevens