Schaumburg Amateur Radio Club Board of Directors Meeting July 3rd, 2019

Board of Directors Meeting

3 July 2019

Chairman Leo Ribordy N9NBH called the meeting to order at 7:00 pm. With only two Board members present and three absent, there is not a quorum.


Geoff Stevens KA9QGH///Ken Krzywicki KD9HIJ///Danny Kafka KD9HIL///John Zietlow K9WIC

Edward Lishka AC9SD///Frank Giampa N9QPD///Leo Ribordy N9NBH///Dennis Calvey KD9HIK

Cliff Sowka K9QD///Bob Langsfeld WB9TZC


Without a quorum there was no official business to conduct. A general conversation ensued covering various matters.


There won’t be a Thursday night net due to the holiday. Leo N9NBH will send out an email to that effect.


A discussion about the next Field Day ensued with Geoff KA9QGH saying that it was his intention to nominate/appoint himself Field Day Chair at the next club meeting. Dennis KD9HIK has volunteered to be Vice Chair. The general feeling is that we need to be more proactive in this activity and start making plans early on for the next event. It was noted that Bill Clark’s invitation to Field Day somehow slipped through the cracks. He had made mention of the omission to one of our members.


Cliff K9QD and Rob N9MVO visited the home of a silent key and met with the executor of the estate. Apparently there is a vast amount of ham gear packed into the basement and garage of the residence that would take about ten volunteers and several small trucks to clear the area. The club would stand to profit from this venture, but it is estimated to take about one year to move, process and dispose of it through various ham fests, eBay, etc. More information will come on this.


Ken KD9HIJ has been in contact with the Township supervisor reference the tower they are donating to SARC. The crane has removed the tower from its base and it’s now on the ground waiting for us to dismantle and cart away. Geoff KA9QGH has signed off on the hold harmless waiver and that will be forwarded to the Township supervisor via email by Ken. An email has been sent out requesting volunteers for this project which hopefully will happen this Saturday 6 July at 10:00 am. The tower is located at Landmeier and Tonne roads in Elk Grove Village. The facility is across the street from the US Post Office.


With no further discussion taking place, Leo N9NBH closed the meeting at 8:38 pm.


Tech Net:

On 7/2/19, Mike K9KQX handled the net. Sign ins included:

Steve KD9SH///Kevin KD9MKD///Ron KD9IPO///Robert W9RKK

Doug W9YFC///Steve AC9MM///Dave KD9LEV///John KD9KSH

Nathan K9TIV///Don KD9NJR///Mike KC9SOA///Roberto WA9E

Weekly Club net:

On 7/11/19 Leo N9NBH handled the net.

Sign ins included:

Robert W9RKK///Rob N9MVO///Ken KD9HIJ///Mike KD9KMV///

Larry KD9EYX///Ed AC9SD///Doug W9YFC///John KD9KSH

Don KD9MJR///Steve AC9EM///Bob W9DXR///

John K9WIC///Roberto WA9E///Jeff KD9SGT

Anatoli AC9VI///Leo N9NBH

VE test results for July, 2019:

As reported by John Schofield AC9JS:

Name:                                                                                                                 Class:

Robin        KD9NDR           General                                                             Technician           4

Robert      KD9NMC          Technician                                                        General                3

James       KD9NMD          Technician                                                        Extra                     0

Michael    KD9NME           General                                                             F.T. U.                  1

Stanley     KD9NMF           Technician

Kevin        KD9MKD            General

Scott         KD9NMG          Technician


Participating VE’s:

Tom:         K9MF

Bill             K9WKD

Steve        AC9EM

Ed              AC9SD

James       KC9UFB

John          AC9JS

Next exam date is August 3, 2019

Number of candidates tested so far this year: 50 (includes July 2019)


Respectfully submitted, 4 July 2019

Ken Krzywicki KD9HIJ