From the President – September 2019

From the President,

The last week in September has been a busy week. The SARC annual Club dinner was a widely attended success. I was unable to make it to the dinner despite my best efforts. The club also conducted a first, and possibly last annual, in-house hamfest. From what I have read, this was largely a success as well. The Schaumburg Amateur Radio Club continues to find unique and interesting ways to bring members together. This was demonstrated with the perennial Construction Project that also kicked off on the last Saturday of September. There is always something to do as a SARC member. We are also conducting a Tech class with about seven participants. Interestingly, every month there is always a report of at least a few radio licenses being issued at our monthly VE testing program. These same numbers can be extrapolated across the nation to other VE testing programs. There are potentially hundreds if not thousands of newly licensed amateur radio operators coming online every month. There is no reason why many of these newly minted hams can’t find their way to our rich and active group.

Geoff Stevens