From the President – November 2019

From the President

Election night approaches!!!  This November meeting should be a wonderful election night, full of intrigue and last-minute horse-trading. Be sure to mail in your absentee ballots when they become available. If you have not run for an office or more importantly, for President, please feel free to write yourself in and tell as many people as you can. I may even vote for you.

I have been advised by a distinguished former president that I can vote a raise for myself, as President. I would like to let it be known that when you people drag me kicking and screaming me into another year as President, I will vote myself the biggest raise the club has ever seen. Just so I do not seem greedy and more corrupt than I am, I will only increase my current pay by 73%. I look forward to the next meeting. As a nominated President I step forward with reluctance, trepidation and just a hint of mischief. As President, I promise to execute my duties as poorly as I have executed them thus far. I am hoping the raise will lift my spirits enough to show up to more dinners after the meetings.

Geoff Stevens