Schaumburg Amateur Radio Club Board of Directors Meeting October 2nd, 2019

Board of Directors Meeting,  2 October 2019

Chairman Leo Ribordy called the meeting to order at 7:00 pm noting that there is a quorum.


John Douglas KD9KSH///Burt Schultz AB9CV///Ed Lishka AC9SD///Frank Giampa N9QPD

Leo Ribordy N9NBH///Danny Kafka KD9HIL///Ken Krzywicki KD9HIJ///Geoff Stevens KA9QGH

Chris Brewer AC9GN///Cliff Sowka K9QD///Dennis Calvey KD9HIK

Treasurer’s Report:

Beginning balance——————-$6165.75

Income———————————-$ 311.00

Expense———————————$ 514.66 (refund, FD reimburse, DXCC scholarship, $61.53 data.

Ending balance————————$5962.09

Current number of fully paid members: 72

A motion to accept the Treasurers report was made by Frank N9QPD and seconded by Burt

AB9CV. The motion carried.

Secretary’s Report:

Approval of the minutes of the previous BOD meeting held 4 September 2019 and published in The RHG. A motion to approve the minutes was made by Frank N9QPD, and with a second by  Burt AB9CV, the motion carried.

Chairman’s Report:

In an effort to generate more interest in Club activities, it was suggested that the Club engage in a summer fox hunt (the Club has micro generators), and this will be brought up at the next Club meeting. Other items for consideration are the recurring calendar, by-law changes, publishing an officer slate for the upcoming election, and the holiday party. It was also mentioned that the Field Day Chair could have their dues waived for the year. Another idea would be to set up a booth at Harper College extolling the activities of SARC and Ham Radio. Anyone wishing to run for office should contact Leo N9NBH or Ed AC9SD. Elections will be coming up soon. Bill W9WEM has been reaffirmed as Construction Project Coordinator.


Dennis KD9HIK has written a PR piece about ham radio for sending to various municipalities to be included in their list of activities. A motion to submit the piece to various municipalities along with a picture was made by Frank N9QPD and seconded by Leo N9NBH. The motion carried.


John KD9KSH reports that we had a good turnout for the Club dinner at The Lucky Monk. Good food, good atmosphere and good conversation with the attendees were enjoyed by all.


The Technician class has six students that are currently engaged in pursuing their license.

VE Testing:

Ed AC9SD reports that six people tested in September with five passing.


Bob N9JAX sent a report in that he had three contacts in September:

  • Bernie KC9SGV needed information on PayPal and was referred to Chris AC9GN.
  • Greg KD9MYA wasn’t getting SARC All and was referred to Matt.
  • Peter, no call sign, wanted to attend the Tech class and was referred to Leo N9NBH.


Published and available on the Club website.

Old Business:

The Salvation Army has yet to pick up the tower the Club donated to them. There is a permit process they are going through now for installation.

New Business:

Kent W9KAO has been reimbursed for most of the POD expense. The final dollar amount will be forthcoming soon.

Motion to Adjourn:

With no further business to conduct a motion to adjourn was made by Ken KD9HIJand seconded by Geoff KA9QGH. The motion carried and the meeting was adjourned at 8:30 pm.

Respectfully submitted 7 October 2019,

Ken Krzywicki KD9HIJ