Recent 2m Repeater Work

Rob N9MVO – Saturday November 2nd 2019

So, the 2m repeater burnt up last week, and the power supply problem is now repaired.  It seems to be working.  Today, Dennis KD9HIK brought the UPS batteries he was able to purchase for a better price than that for which I could have gotten them, and we went to the 2 meter repeater site to install them.

We put in the new batteries, tested the repeater on the UPS for a few minutes, and found it to work, even without AC power applied.

The batteries we removed have a 2014 date code, so there is a reasonable chance that the replacements we installed will operate for 5 years, also.  Since we don’t want actual battery failure, we should expect to replace these in 4 years, November 2023.

Special thanks to Dennis for getting the batteries, and for his assistance in putting them in.

73 de N9MVO,


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