Schaumburg Amateur Radio Club Board of Directors Meeting December 4th, 2019

Board of Directors Meeting,  4 December 2019

Chairman Leo Ribordy called the meeting to order at 7:00 pm noting that there was a quorum.


Cliff Sowka K9QD///Ed Lishka AC9SD///Ken Krzywicki KD9HIJ///Leo Ribordy N9NBH

John Douglas KD9KSH///Burt Schultz AB9CV///Danny Kafka KS9HIL///Frank Giampa N9QPD

John Zietlow K9WIC///Dirk Smith (via phone) W0RI

Secretary’s Report:

A motion to accept the minutes of the 6 November 19 meeting was made by Frank N9QPD and seconded by Danny KD9HIL. The motion carried.

Treasurer’s Report:

There was no Treasurer’s report. Cliff K9QD has suggested that the Treasurers budget should include funds to cover refreshments for our Construction Project meetings. Attendance is currently at record highs and there are several members purchasing items to share. It seems there is currently some difficulty among those in attendance toward voluntary reimbursement for this generosity. It may be a good thing for the Club to officially host Construction Project refreshments to further enhance the successful atmosphere underway.

Public Service:

There was no report.


John K9WIC is looking to put together a 5 to 10 minute presentation for a Club meeting.


Dennis KD9HIK has submitted his expense for the batteries used for our water tower repeater.

Construction Project:

A dummy load and construction project antenna has been suggested as an activity. Bill W9WEM will be contacted to determine if he will take the Chair for Construction Project. Leo N9NBH will also ask around for anyone interested in the CP Chair. A SARC all will be put out to determine if the dummy load project should be held at CP or at Bob Z’s W9GEW shop. In addition, costs will need to be determined relative to resisters, other materials, etc.

VE Testing:

No report as of this writing.


Bob N9JAX submitted a report, read by the Secretary. There were 5 contacts made.

14 November: Pat Keane (no call) needed contact info for Dennis KD9HIK.

14 November: Fran Merkley called regarding the disposal of her SK husband’s equipment. This project is in progress through Cliff K9QD and others.

26 November: Tim Smith KC9NMW needed information on how to join SARC.

27 November: Lou Childers N9LTW joined SARC through Pay Pal and is awaiting confirmation and roster invitation.

30 November: James Edgell KC9UAB is interested in joining SARC and wanted to know if we were accepting new members. He was welcomed to join and was told to sign up on our website via Pay Pal or come to any of our meetings and sign up in person.


John KD9KSH has lined up Garibaldi’s Restaurant for the SARC Christmas/Holiday Party.


Leo N9NBH reports that the General Class will be held in the fall of 2020.


No report.


Bill KD9AUP has set up a presentation for the December Club meeting which has to do with distracted driving.

Old Business:

John K9WIC reports that In reference to the repeater at St. Alexius, there has been no response to his e-mails as to the status of the repeater.

New Business:

Cliff K9QD is lining members up to assist with the loading and transportation of the SK member’s equipment from his house to CP for sorting, pricing and storage. More information will be forthcoming on this. A motion to allow this activity and price at 75% of value was made by Frank N9QPD and seconded by Burt AB9CV. The motion carried.

The newly elected officers will be installed at the January meeting.

It was announced that Bill Clark will be retiring soon. Bill has been a longtime friend to SARC and the possibility of presenting him with a retirement gift was brought up. More to follow on this.

A motion to name Cliff K9QD interim Secretary to cover for Ken KD9HIJ during a pre-arranged absence was made by Frank N9QPD and seconded by Burt AB9CV. The motion carried.

 Motion to Adjourn:

With no further business to conduct, a motion to adjourn was made by Ken KD9HIJ and seconded by Burt AB9CV. The motion carried and the meeting was adjourned.


Respectfully submitted

Ken Krzywicki Secretary KD9HIJ