QST: Monthly club meetings now to be held on Zoom

As you probably know, due to Covid-19, the monthly club face to face meetings (held on the third Thursday of the month) have not been possible, and so a club net has been taking place on the K9IIK 145.230 repeater.

From this month on, starting this evening, the monthly club meetings will now be held on Zoom.  This means there will not be a club net on the repeater.  (Note that this only affects the third Thursday of each month.  The regular net schedule remains).

Geoff KA9QGH, the club president has sent out a notification to all members with the Zoom meeting details including the meeting ID’s and passwords, and how to connect to Zoom.  Club members can also view the meeting details via the  SARC Google Group. (Sarc membership and login required).

If anyone needs help to get these Zoom meeting details, including non-members, please contact Geoff directly requesting the information.

Here is a schedule of the proposed monthly Zoom meetings:

Topic: General Meeting

Aug 20, 2020 07:00 PM Central Time
Sep 17, 2020 07:00 PM Central Time
Oct 15, 2020 07:00 PM Central Time
Nov 19, 2020 07:00 PM Central Time
Dec 17, 2020 07:00 PM Central Time
Jan 21, 2021 07:00 PM Central Time
Feb 18, 2021 07:00 PM Central Time

73, Mike K9KMV