Reminder of Club Elections – 18th November 2020

Elections for Club Officers – 18th November 2020

November Elections due to COVID are going to be conducted with unusual brevity.  During our September Board of Director’s meeting we discussed possible utilization of UPS mail since we only had three candidates step forward for the Director’s vacancies and no candidates to run for the regular executive roles.  We didn’t want to waste of envelopes, SASE with postage expense, etc. so we needed a more efficient solution.

Below text is directly extracted from the BOD minutes .  Elections for 2021 will be decided by acclamation. 


Geoff KA9QGH will request a motion as such (from someone not on the ballot), request a second, and call for the question:  So moved unless some unique Roberts Rules of Order maneuver is brought in as a November Surprise.

 Elections.  Election process for 2021 was discussed during the September meeting and call for leadership/volunteer was made to help SARC fulfill offices.  It was decided avoidance of a mail-in vote process could be accomplished if we were able to secure sufficient nominations for the vacating Board seats and if we were able to convince current office-holders to serve an additional term.  30-Day advanced publication required according to our By-Laws of the current officer slate with the plan to certify officers for 2021 by vote of acclimation during the November meeting was accomplished with Mike K9KMV’s RHG publication for September:

    Official Ballot

                                   General Election

                                                November 18th, 2020

                Club Officers and Board of Directors

All Offices -1 Year term                                             Board of Directors-3 year terms

Vote for One                                                              Vote for two


Geoff Stevens KA9QGH_________             Jim Campbell_KB9RGU__________

Vice President 

Danny Kafka KD9HIL___________              Ed Lishka_AC9SD_______________

Secretary                                                              Special Recognition Awards

Cliff Sowka K9QD______________              On Hiatus for this cycle__________


Chris Brewer_AC9GN___________

Click to Download November 2020 Ballot