“Antenna Launcher” from Mike KD9POE

Mike KD9POE has shared his own version of how to get a wire antenna up into a tree.

A solid stick through a dog ball on a fishing pole. This thing is easy to launch 60 feet up with accuracy. You could go higher up if you’re more athletic than me, not any challenge to do that! This goes straight up and turns straight down. It’s padded so I can even use it in the front tree with cars around, although I avoided them. Two tries at most. I don’t have much experience except days of doing other less successful things and looking stupid in the process.

Using a ball without a stick or a fishing weight gets stuck way too easy. I think I went through a whole package. You have to pull down in front of you , no jerking overhead, lol, kill yourself with that fishing weight! Weight helps a lot too. I start with very heavy fishing line so it’s heavy enough to pull 60 feet up a tree.  It has to have quite a bit of weight.  Materials used. 2 inch dog ball, fiberglass marker piece, hot glue(love that stuff), ear plug, paracord, shrink tube, zip ties….

This works super well.