SARC Returns to In-Person Meetings

The Schaumburg Park District has returned to nearly-normal operations and combined with the lifting of group size restrictions by the state the Schaumburg Amateur Radio Club is happy to announce that we will be returning to in person meetings for all of our events without capacity restrictions.

Schaumburg Amateur Radio Club acknowledges accolades to Dennis KD9HIK for his successful efforts in accomplishing the restoration of meeting facilities and establishing relationships with the new Village leadership.

General Business Meetings

The general business meetings take place on the third Thursday of the month at the Schaumburg Community Recreation Center. Everyone is welcome to attend, you do not need to be a member of the club. You will need to enter the building through the south door, near the pool. Please note the rooms may be different each month:

  • July – Community Room
  • August – Excellence Room
  • September – Excellence Room
  • October – Excellence Room
  • November – Heritage Room

SARC in the Park

Returns to the Schaumburg Community Recreation Pavilion (on the front lawn) on the second and fourth Saturday mornings each month through August. More info.

Construction Project

The construction project will return at it’s usual second and fourth Saturday morning time starting in September. There is no longer a limit for the number of members that can attend and no longer a need to sign up in advance. More info.

Special thanks to Don Dewar KD9NJR for handling the sign up process while we had limits on the number of attendees.

License Exams

License exams return without capacity limits on the first Saturday of each month at the Schaumburg Community Recreation Center. More info.

Special thanks to the entire VE team for coming up with creative solutions to administering exams during social distancing including drive up testing.

Looking back

SARC first began canceling events in response to COVID-19 on March 13, 2020 with this post on our web site. It was expected we would return to normal on March 29, 2020. But the severity of the pandemic continued to increase and meetings quickly moved to Zoom. All of our public service events were cancelled by their organizers in the next few days, we were unable to hold construction projects, board meetings and SARC in the park. Even Field Day was an at-home event in 2020 with a special provision to allow clubs to continue to compete even though they were not actually “in the field” and at the same location.

As we began to understand the safeguards needed to keep people from getting infected we were able to offer some of our activities in a limited way:

  • In July 2020 the VE testing team implemented drive-up testing with a requirement to sign up for a test slot ahead of time.
  • In the Spring of 2021 as the vaccine became available and infection rates dropped we were able to host up to 10 people at a time for Construction Project.