Schaumburg Amateur Radio Club Business Meeting December 16, 2021

Business Meeting Dec 16, 2021

Danny Kafka KD9HIL Vice President called the meeting to order at 7:00 PM.



Danny Kafka KD9HIL Charlene Treve K9CMZ John Douglas  KD9KSH
Bob Langsfeld WB9TZC Barry  Friedman K9FMB Leo Ribordy  N9NBH
John Zietlow  K9WIC Cliff Sowka K9QD Mike Clodfelter AC9CG
Dennis  C. Calvey KD9HIK Robert Kocourek W9RKK Terry Jarnholm AE9TJ
Joe Barela KB9RCR Don Dewar  KD9NJR Rob Glowacki N9MVO
Bruce Warrington N9EHA Romel Aranas KD9MDM

 Secretary’s Report:


Cliff Sowka K9QD:  Leo N9NBH moved to approve the November Minutes as published in the Radio Hill Gazette (RHG).  John Douglas KD9KSH seconded.  So Moved.

Treasurer’s Report:

  John Zietlow K9WIC provides this report:

Petty Cash                                                           $   151.20

Pay Pal (waiting to be transferred)            $     23.64

Account Balance as of November 1st        $7,590.53

Income                                                                 $     11.02

Amazon Smile

Expenditures                                                     $   167.52

Repeater data line

Account Balance as of December 1st       $7,434.03

Available Funds                                                 $7,588.67


Current membership (Dec 15):                   114


Dennis C. Calvey KD9HIK moved to Approve, Leo Ribordy N9NBH seconded.  So Moved.

 Public Service:


Rob Glowacki N9MVO mentioned there are no events planned at the moment.



John Zietlow K9WIC explained there are no near-term activities.



John K9WIC previously offered a special thanks to Rob, N9MVO and Kent, W9KAO for giving up their Friday December 10th to oversee the installation and configuration of a new data service at the VHF repeater site.  The 50 Mbps download/5 Mbps upload capability should keep K9IIK on the air for the foreseeable future.  Monthly $167 data line expense will decrease to ~$65 with the new service.  All features of the repeater appear to be working as of last Friday afternoon.


Our newly purchased FTM-300DR machine will be physically installed into our equipment cabinet at the pump house sometime in January.

Construction Project (CP):


Don Dewar KD9NJR reports attendance continues to recover from the earlier shutdown.  It has been noted December’s schedule has a conflict with Christmas Day for the normally occurring session on a fourth Saturday.  Therefore it is decided to hold our normal fourth-Saturday session of December with altered calendar:

·         Now Third Saturday:      December 18th    instead of December 25th

VE Testing:


John Shofield AC9JS reported candidate test results for December, 2021


Name Call Class
Russel A KD9TZA Technician
Jason P KD9TZB Technician


Technician 2
General 0
Extra 0
Total 2


Participating Volunteer Examiners (VEs):


Bill Davies K9WKD
Steve Karson AC9EM
Ed Lishka AC9SD
John Schofield AC9JS


The exams were given on Saturday, 12/4, and results were posted in the FCC ULS License System
by end of day on Monday, 12/6.


Next examination date: February 5, 2022. The first Saturday of January is New Year’s Day,
so no exams will be given in January.


I would like to thank our entire VE Testing staff for their hard work and dedication:


  • Bill D. K9WKD
  • Steve K. AC9EM
  • Ed L. AC9SD
  • John S. AC9JS
  • Dirk S. W0RI
  • Bill R. KW9WR
  • James M. KC9UFB
  • Will S. W9WSS
  • Neil O. N9NL


John Schofield

Session Manager





Barry K9FMB Net Chairman reported he’s still working to establish a consistent team of Net Controllers for the first Tuesday (Tech Net) of a month.


Radio Hill Gazette RHG:

  Mike K9KMV No Report.


Recurring Calendar:


Programs and Articles for RHG needed.




We’re looking for someone to Chair this important role.




Dennis C. Calvey KD9HIK Publicity Chair has submitted our Tech Class plans to the Daily Herald.




John KD9KSH has arranged our event with Lucky Monk on Barrington Road:


  • Sunday January 16th at 6PM.
  • SARC will provide $300* club-paid appetizers this year.
  • Attendees will be able to select and individually pay from a limited menu as in past.
  • John published request for member reservations; 23 confirmed at the moment.
  • Room occupancy is limited to 40.




Leo N9NBH informs the Hoffman Estates Library branch has published his 10-week Technician course to begin January 8th, 2022.  Class will be from 10:30AM to 12:30PM.  The Library allows capacity of 16 attendees with 5 seats reserved at the moment.


Discussed potential General course offering in the fall of 2022.




John Zietlow K9WIC presented VSWR theory with associated instrumentation tonight. We’re in need of a Program Chair.


Old Business:



New Business: 


John Zietlow K9WIC moved we alter our January schedule:


  • Maxfield’s Breakfast January 8th
  • Construction Project (CP) January 15th and January 29th
  • SARC participation w/Winter Field Day January 29th @ 1PM following CP
  • Dennis KD9HIK and Rob N9MVO will be Winter Field Day Chairs


Danny KD9HIL seconded.  So Moved.





Submitted December 17, 2021.  Cliff Sowka K9QD Secretary