Schaumburg Amateur Radio Club Board of Directors Meeting January 5th, 2022

Board of Directors Meeting Jan 5, 2022

John Zietlow K9WIC President called the meeting to order at 7:00 PM.



Ed Lishka  AC9SD Dennis C. Calvey KD9HIK John Douglas  KD9KSH
John Zietlow K9WIC John Shofield AC9JS Barry Friedan K9FMB
Danny Kafka KD9HIL Cliff Sowka K9QD


Board of Directors selects Ed Lishka AC9SD Chairman.


John Douglas KD9KSH moved to empower club officers’ voting rights.  John Shofield AC9JS Seconded.  So Moved.


Secretary’s Report


Cliff Sowka K9QD:  John Douglas KD9KSH moved to approve the December BOD Minutes as published in the RHG.  John Shofield AC9JS seconded. So Moved.


Treasurer’s Report:

  Barry Friedman K9FMB provides the following report:


Month:                                                 January


Bank Balance     1-Dec                    $7,434.03

INCOME                                               $            0

22-Nov Amazon Smile                    $     11.02

DISBURSEMENTS 12/16                $   167.52

12/06    Data Line                             $   161.82

Checks Outstanding                        $            0

Liability Insurance                            $   300.00

Statement                                          $6,804.69

Account Balance                               $6,804.69

Petty Cash                                           $   131.00

Pay Pal                                                  $     23.64

Funds Available                                $6,959.33


114 members on roster


John Zietlow K9WIC moved to authorize Barry Friedman K9FMB to perform an audit.  John Shofield AC9JS Seconded.  So Moved.


Public Service

  Rob Glowacki N9MVO not present.





John Zietlow K9WIC reports there is no public activity planned in the near-term.




Rob Glowacki N9MVO and Terry Jarnholm AE9TJ Repeater Committee not present.


AT&T DSL was been replaced with AT&T Uverse on December 10th.  We now expect an on-going data line fee of ~$62 now that the initial installation fee has been paid.


Our club purchased an FTM-300DR machine in the spring.  While configured and operational it is not currently residing at the repeater site but is planned to be moved and physically installed into our equipment cabinet in the pump house.


Repeater Committee will need to investigate the antenna(?) shortcomings at our Small Drive site.   Also, memory cards reliant on NAND FLASH have a known wear mechanism that requires refreshing of the current files to prevent possible system failure.   We previously authorized purchase of hardware but memory refresh isn’t accomplished at the moment.   Basic Documentation is an additional item requiring attention since our technical operational resources are kind-of limited to only a few people.


Construction Project (CP)


Board of Directors placed the current $300 consumables purchase authorization on hold.  Danny Kafka KD9HIL moved to suspend the previously approved purchase budget until a new study can be defined by Committee.  Dennis C. Calvey KD9HIK Seconded.  So Moved.


Meeting Room Restrictions Implemented:  neither food nor drink will be allowed to be served in the building for the immediate future.  Attendees are welcome to bring their own coffee but SARC is not allowed to offer any sponsored refreshments due to the current virus situation.

VE Testing


John Shofield AC9JS reports no testing session for January was conducted.  Testing is expected to resume February 5th.  Legacy walk-ins were allowed to present themselves for testing in the past but the new FCC VE Testing requirements of FRN-Number registration make things a bit more cumbersome.  Candidates will be given instructions ahead of time to help them prepare for VE session admission.




Barry Friedman K9FMB reported our calendar of events suffered a Control Operator assignment hiccup last week.  Fortunately Don Dewar KD9NJR was able to host the Net after a short delay.


Radio Hill Gazette RHG

  Mike K9KMV No Report.




A club member has stepped-forward to inquire about what duties are required to become Membership Chair.  If the activity is something that member can support, we may be able to announce new leadership shortly.




Dennis C. Calvey KD9HIK Publicity Chair reports:


Schaumburg Township District Library has temporarily canceled any in person events.

The instructors have elected to not pursue Zoom classes at this time.    Please ask that N9RJV website be updated.  I will try to cancel the event on the Daily Herald.

No mention of Winter Field Day on website “Events” or landing page.  It is noted on the calendar website.  Suggested text:


  • “The Winter Field Day (WFD) will be on Saturday January 29th, 2022, with setup commencing at about 11:00 AM, on the air operation starting at 1:00 PM and continuing until late afternoon. WFD is set up under the pavilions adjacent to the Bocce Ball Courts near the northwest corner of the CRC.  SARC will cancel if weather conditions are too extreme”
  • Current Meeting Status for Schaumburg Park District meetings at the Community Recreation Center (CRC) :


1) At this time proof of vaccination will not be required for attending meetings at the CRC.

2) Mask mandate is still in effect.

3) The North entrance to the CRC should be unlocked.

4) No food or refreshments are to be served (BYO drink ok)




John Douglas KD9KSH informed the current COVID uncertainty has thwarted reservation activity for our annual Holiday Party.  Current count is only ~50% of capacity.   Dennis C. Calvey KD9HIK moved to postpone the event and reschedule when more appropriate conditions prevail.  John Shofield AC9JS Seconded.  So Moved.


This means a January Business Meeting will be held at the CRC instead of a Holiday Party for 2022.




Leo N9NBH not present.  Due to current Hoffman Estates Library closure our Technician Class has been canceled.  Our website has been updated with this change.  Dennis C. Calvey KD9HIK is attempting to inform Daily Herald of this change.




Chair needed.  John Zietlow K9WIC will present his Committee Organizational proposal at the January Business Meeting.


Old Business




New Business


Barry Friedman K9FMB presented Don Dewar’s KD9NJR suggested QSL card to be mailed to non-member NET attendees.  Don’s example was presented to the Board.   Tabled so that the proposal with necessary hosting/printing/postage could be considered at the next Business Meeting.


John Zietlow K9WIC plans to implement a change for Business Meetings.


  • Limit Business Meeting Introductions to Name/Call/New Attendee.
  • No longer include a question of the night in order conserve time needed for presentations.
  • Social interaction, group participation can occur during the 10-minute break.





Submitted January 6, 2022  Cliff Sowka K9QD Secretary