W9YY Celebrates 60 Years!

Jack W9YY is celebrating 60 years as a ham radio operator. He writes:

On this day exactly 60 years ago, January 9, 1962, I was first licensed as a ham radio operator, WN8BVX, at the age of 12. The event made the news in three local papers. After 60 years, that constitutes a whole lot of dits and dahs sent to the airwaves!!

Many club members passed along congratulations of this milestone.

  • Jack, Congratulations! That’s fantastic! I don’t remember when I got my first novice license but I do remember the callsign, KA9OYQ. – KB9RCR
  • Congrats, Jack.  That’s a lot of dits!!   And you made the papers, too.  That’s an accomplishment many of us have not done. – N9MVO
  • That’s great, Jack.  Congratulations!  At 12 I was building my first kit, an Allied Radio Star Roamer receiver.  I might have intercepted of few of you dits and dahs along the way. – W9WEM
  • I hope you all will be there for my 60th licence anniversary!…..in 2080….. – KD9NJR