Public Service: SARC volunteers help at Chicagoland Marathon

On Sunday May 15th, volunteers from the Schaumburg Amateur Radio Club got up nice and early to help provide radio communication support at the 2022 Chicagoland Marathon, held at Busse Woods.

Quoting from our club president, John Zietlow K9WIC;

This past weekend, twenty-four hams provided medical communications for the Chicagoland Marathon in Busse Woods.  We helped a half-dozen runners that need help back to the finish line.  A special thank you to Tyler KD9GOL, Tony WA9PEB, Dennis KD9HIK, Leo N9NBH, Greg KD9MYA, Cliff K9QD, Barry W9FMB, Al KD9FIA, John KD9KSH, Mark WQ9M, Scott KB9VRW, Chris AC9GN, Romel KD9MDM, Dushan KD9HVU, Robert W9RKK, Bill KW9WR, Danny KD9HIL, Daryl KB9RHR, Bill W9WEM, Dave W9VTD, Don KA9RXK, and Jim KC9UFB for giving up their Sunday for this worthwhile event.  In addition, I want to thank the four individuals that volunteered but were unable to participate due to extenuating circumstances.”


Below are some photos taken that show the volunteers and the equipment used, including a very nice bicycle mobile setup.


Mike, K9KMV