Schaumburg Amateur Radio Club Board of Directors Meeting September 7th, 2022

Board of Directors Meeting September 7, 2022


Ed Lishka AC9SD Chairman called the meeting to order at 6:55 PM.




Ed Lishka  AC9SD John Douglas  KD9KSH John Zietlow K9WIC
Kent Ochs W9KAO Barry Friedman K9FMB Danny Kafka KD9HIL
Cliff Sowka K9QD Dennis C. Calvey KD9HIK John Schofield AC9JS
Don Dewar KD9NJR


Secretary’s Report


Cliff Sowka K9QD:  John Zietlow K9WIC noted our club’s Meeting Minutes have suffered Robert’s Rules of Order inaccuracy as recorded by the Secretary for many years.  When a Motion is made, a Second received, and resultant affirmation confirmed by majority vote, the conclusive term will now be Motion Adopted [as researched by Sergeant at Arms Kent Ochs W9KAO].


For the August BOD Minutes as published in the RHG, John Shofield AC9JS moved to approve, Danny Kafka KD9HIL Seconded.  Motion Adopted.


Treasurer’s Report:


Barry Friedman K9FMB provides the following:




Month:                                                                                 September 2022


Checkbook Balance 31-Jul                                             $6,150.11

INCOME MEMO                                                                $       0.00

DISBURSEMENTS MEMO                                               $   355.34

ACH 6-Jul AT&T DSL                                                         $     62.82

Chk 1271 3-Aug Picnic Reimbursement                  $   292.52

Deposit not included

Account Balance                                                               $5,794.77

31-Aug Bank Statement                                                $5,794.77


Checks Outstanding

Adjusted balance                                                             $5,794.77

31-Aug Checkbook balance                                          $5,794.77

Petty Cash 31-Aug                                                            $   201.00

Pay Pal 31-Aug held hostage by PayPal                    $1,425.98

+petty cash – spec accts Funds Available                 $5,995.77


87 paid members


Check Register


Date      Check Activity   Deposit Debit                    Balance                Memo CLR

31-Jul                                                                                    $6,150.11

6-Aug                                    $62.82                                                                  ACH AT&T Internet25

9-Aug                                                                                    $6,087.29

3-Aug    $292.52 John Douglas    #1271                                                    Picnic Food & Award 5-Aug

31-Aug                                                                                  $5,794.77


7/31/2022                                                                           $201.00                Petty Cash


Disbursements                                                                  $0.00


Barry K9FMB continues to pursue a proper PayPal identity for us.  It’s possible we’ll suffer a one-month transaction increase until we’re able to create 501c3 status once the official SARC entity is established.


Our Dues Reminder eMail Boilerplate needs to access a corrected Membership look-up table; Roster has to be culled before we trigger a renewal email to the membership.


PayPal also requires a specific eMail account directly to the proper financial authority of SARC.


Public Service 


Rob Glowacki N9MVO not present.




John Zietlow K9WIC anticipates there will be a State-Wide exercise this weekend but details are not yet announced.




Wires-X installation at the Barrington Road facility has been configured to implement better control.   Fusion activity has presented some challenges with regard to Rooms.  Default Room is K9IIK and we’re experiencing other Room assignments invoked by the system’s users create unnecessary traffic that may no longer pertain to our local group.  A survey of our general membership during the September Business Meeting will be conducted to determine our group’s Default Room preferences.


Construction Project (CP)


Cliff Sowka K9QD reports he has acquired some consumables at local hamfests this summer.  Items remaining to be found include real Pb-Solder, bench-mounted vice, simple hand tools, freeze spray, and contact cleaner will sought during the Belvidere Fest later this month.

VHF/UHF antenna installation preparation as well as a Long-wire Antenna for the Tennis Plus facility is moving forward with anticipated completion before the end of October.

For the Long-Wire, we’re going to purchase a commercial UNUN and therefore increase Dennis C. Calvey’s KD9HIK purchase headroom to $1,300 from the initial estimate of $900.

·         John Zietlow K9WIC moved to increase the budget to $1,300 and Danny Kafka KD9HIL Seconded.  Motion Adopted.

Added $350 for Commercial UNUN;  Antenna Budget now $1,300.00 instead of $900.

Quantity DESCRIPTION Unit Cost  Extension
1  VHF / UHF Antenna – DONATED  $              –  $             –
200 Feet Type 1318 Coax cable @ ~ $1.40 / ft  $          1.40  $    280.00
8 Eight RF Connectors @ ~ $8.00 each- obtained @ Peotone  $          8.00  $      20.00
2 Two lightning / surge protectors @ ~$91.00 ea.  $        91.00  $    182.00
1 One surge protector mounting plate- obtained @ Peotone  $        76.00  $      20.00
2 Two 10 ft 2″ Schedule 40 PVC pipe @ ~ $ 31.00 ea.  $        31.00  $      62.00
1 One 2″ weather head @ ~ $8.25  $          8.25  $        8.25
1 10 ft. 6 AWG copper cable – DONATED  $              –  $             –
1 Misc. Hardware & Fittings  $     100.00  $   100.00
1 HF Antenna (Not in Scope at this time)  $              –  $             –
SHIPPING & HANDLING (8%)  $      61.78
SALES TAX  (10 %)  $      77.23
TOTAL  $    911.26

VE Testing


John Schofield AC9JS reports one candidate successfully passed the FCC exam for General.




Barry Friedman K9FMB reports Nets continue to be well attended.  We are in need of a host for the second Tuesday of the month TechNet.


Radio Hill Gazette RHG 


Mike K9KMV No Report.




Searching for a Membership Chairperson.




Dennis C. Calvey KD9HIK Publicity Chairman reports:


1) The following article was published in the Daily Herald on August 25 2022:


“Schaumburg Amateur Radio Club offers free classes on ham radio this fall (A submitted picture of Schaumburg Amateur Radio Club’s operating station during a previous emergency field operation exercise was not included). 


The club will offer free Entry Level Amateur Radio classes beginning Sept. 10. Updated 8/25/22 3:38 PM

Submitted by Dennis Calvey, KD9HIK Suburban Chicago’s Information Source

There are more than 750,000 licensed amateur radio operators in the U.S., and the number is growing every day.

If you are new to ham radio, or just thinking about getting your first license, the Schaumburg Amateur Radio Club can help you get started and expose you to the widest variety of operating modes, giving you a chance to see for yourself what your personal favorites are.

This fall, the club is offering an Entry Level Amateur Radio course to prepare you for the entry-level Amateur Radio Technician Class license which allows you to operate on the UHF/VHF bands and a small portion of HF bands.

In 10, two-hour classes, you’ll learn everything you need to successfully pass the Federal Communications Commission license test. This course is offered at no-charge, however there is a nominal charge to process the test and the FCC has a nominal charge to apply for a license.
The class will be held from 10:30 a.m. to 12:30 p.m. on Saturdays from Sept. 10 to Nov. 12, at the Hoffman Estates Branch of Schaumburg Township District Library, 1550 Hassell Road.

To register, visit (


or contact the Schaumburg Amateur Radio Club at (

The club will be using the American Radio Relay League Ham Radio License Manual Fifth Edition as a study guide. The libraries may have copies available for check out, but students are encouraged to get their own copy from (, book stores or online vendors.  In addition to running two repeaters on the 2 m and 70 cm bands, the club schedules activities that get members doing something, as opposed to talking about things.

Members prefer to be on the air, building equipment, participating in public service events, searching for hidden transmitters, working contests or holding licensing classes. Club members can help you to get more active in whatever facet of ham radio you enjoy most, and you do not have to learn Morse code.
The term “ham radio” dates back to when radio and telegraph communication was by Morse code. Since then many techniques have evolved that eliminated the need for Morse code, but some ham radio operators still use it because it’s efficient and challenging.

Technologies used today include simple, inexpensive handheld two way radios, digital based systems using microcontrollers, small simple to large complex antennas and even antique radios using vacuum tubes. Some participate in radio contests where operators try to contact other ham radio operators with a variety of rules and restrictions to keep it fun. Others experiment with cutting edge technology or experimental antenna design.

The most rapidly growing segment is referred to as digital mode. Originally, digital modes were mechanical systems used to send telegraph type signals. With the introduction of inexpensive microprocessors, digital modes allow sending and receiving radio signals by bouncing them off the moon or even meteor trails. Some operate at very low power — it’s not unusual to see confirmed reports of signals being received at distances over 4,000 miles using 5 watts of power — about the same power as most nightlights.

Some ham radio operators support local events like marathons, bicycle tours or fundraising events. Using handheld transceivers and rapid deploy control stations, they provide extra eyes and ears for fire, police and ambulance services during an event.

Though cellphones and the internet are widespread and easily available, amateur radio operators around the world can provide emergency communications when those services aren’t available.

Copyright © 2022 Paddock Publications, Inc., P.O. Box 280, Arlington Heights, IL 60006
Paddock Publications, Inc. is an Employee-Owned Company”


2) Information about the Technician Class was also submitted to and published in the Daily Herald Community Events Calendar.


3) Leo Ribordy (N9NBH) contacted the Library and was told that 18 persons had registered for the class.


4) Cliff Sowka (K9QD) and I met with Fred Gonzini (Manager of Operation Trades, Schaumburg Park District) and Rob Ward (Director of Recreation and Facilities, Schaumburg Park District) on Wednesday August 31st at the Tennis Plus Club to discuss the antenna project.  We explained the proposed antenna mounting, coaxial cable runs, cable entry points and grounding.  We also explained the intent of the VHF/UHF antenna for testing equipment and a long wire HF antenna for training operators on equipment operation for emergency communications.


While there was no ‘green light’, the response was positive with assurances that they would let us know when the project could proceed, possibly sometime in October.  Based on their response, Cliff and I agree that we should proceed with purchase of the coaxial cable and lightning suppressors.




John Douglas KD9KSH reported nothing will be planned for the next several months.




Leo N9NBH not present.  Fall class begins this coming Saturday and we’re reported to be booked-to-capacity for the initial session.




John Zietlow K9WIC is in need for a September Business Meeting Program.


Old Business




New Business


Don Dewar KD9NJR offered the following Scouting Opportunity:


  • John Zietlow K9WIC moved Don Dewar KD9NJR Liaison Authority to work with the Scouts. Dennis C. Calvey KD9HIK Seconded.  Motion Adopted.


Don presented his proposal for the upcoming Jamboree on the Air event for the Boy Scouts of America.


Also attached are 2 ideas for club-builds that could be done at the upcoming Construction projects.


As a quick question, that I thought would just be a simple yes or no answer, I mentioned the JOTA on the Thursday net as a question of the night. “Have you heard of the Jamboree on the Air? and would you participate in this kind of event?” out of the 22 members answered 21 very enthusiastic yeses.


This simple question turned into quite a discussion from former scout leaders or dads of scouts and this prompted me to look into this event. I am the Dad to 2 Eagle scouts, a former scoutmaster, a former troop camping coordinator, a former district adult training instructor for the Northwest Suburban Council, and a merit badge counselor. My 20 years of scouting experience and contacts make me a perfect fit to head up this project. I have made some inquiries as to any other clubs doing anything for the event and no one has planned anything. This means we can be exclusively the face of this event and reap any of the possible benefits.


Nominating Committee Established:  Will Propose Officer Slate to Board in October.


John Shofield                     AC9JS

Roberto Beltramelli             WA9E

Don Dewar                            KD9NJR

Danny Kafka                         KD9HIL


John Zietlow K9WIC proposed we survey our Membership’s fiscal desires with regards to Club finances: specifically as related to Food and Beverage expenditures.  Club could consider modification to our past budgeting behavior and instead adopt a separate Food and Beverage Assessment when such accoutrements are planned to be available to only those who wish to contribute at specific events.   Also possible: proposal could be added to our Election Ballot in November for definitive policy decision.


Adjourn 8:55 PM.

Submitted Sep 8, 2022    Cliff Sowka K9QD Secretary