Schaumburg Amateur Radio Club Business Meeting February 16, 2023

Business Meeting February 16, 2023


Don Dewar KD9NJR President called the meeting to order at 7:00 PM.




Robert Kocourek W9RKK Don Dewar KD9NJR Cliff Sowka K9QD
Dennis C. Calvey KD9HIK Joe Barela KB9RCR Rob Glowacki N9MVO
Danny Meyers K9LDM Paul Burkett KD9FMN Bill Donovan KD9RGX
John Thornton KD9VZJ

Virtual Attendees:


Ed Lishka AC9SD Lou Childers N9LTW Charlene Treve K9KMZ
Steve Karson AC9EM Bill Riess KW9WR Pat Carlberg KD9PWI
Jim Campbell KB9RGU Rick KY0Q Danny Kafka KD9HIL
Pierre Berube K9EYE

Bates Noble N9UVI

Russ Schmidt KC9NUV

John KD9WNL Barry Friedman K9FMB

Secretary’s Report:


Cliff Sowka K9QD:  Rob Glowacki N9MVO moved to approve the December 2022 Business Meeting Minutes (there was no January Business Meeting due to 2023 Holiday Party) as published in the Radio Hill Gazette.  Paul Burkett KD9FMN seconded.  Motion Carried.


Treasurer’s Report: 


Chris Brewer AC9GN not present.


Public Service:


Rob Glowacki N9MVO informed MS Walk is set for May 7th which is the same date as the ChicagoLand Marathon:  A Chairperson is needed to communicate with the Schaumburg EMCOMM management as well as organize SARC’s staffing for the ChicagoLand Marathon as this is an important event for the village.




No report.




Rob Glowacki N9MVO reports our machines are working properly.  There will be an effort to increase the 20W output of the 440 machine to 100W with the utilization of the spare linear.  The team has already purchased spare memory to duplicate the current system but the back-up process may take several hours.  NAND FLASH frailty is a known weakness and we need to have spare operating system copies of Kent Ochs’ W9KAO coding work.


Construction Project (CP): 

Cliff Sowka K9QD said attendance was sparse (about 10) during the most recent meeting.  We’re typically greeted with upwards of 20 and as high as 40 so hopefully the currently low attendance is just an anomaly.  Dennis C. Calvey KD9HIK reported our coax to the roof has been pulled but we’re not aware of any arrangements to complete the installation on the roof at the moment.

VE Testing:

John Schofield AC9JS VE Session Manager reports Test Results for February 4, 2023:


Name Call Class
Jon KD9WNL Technician
Michael KD9WNN Technician
James KD9WNR Technician
Jeremy K9SEC General
Calvin KD9WNU Technician



Technician 4
General 1
Extra 0
Total 5



Participating Volunteer Examiners (VEs):


Bill Davies K9WKD
Steve Karson AC9EM
James Migalla KC9UFB
John Schofield AC9JS
Will Sperling W9WSS


Next examination date: March 4, 2023



Don Dewar KD9NJR reports activity remains brisk; the New Ham Net has attracted 8 enthusiastic participants as well as 7 old timers.  Don will need a Net Controller for the first Wednesday of a month so that he is able to attend the club’s Board Meetings.


Radio Hill Gazette RHG: 


Mike K9KMV No Report.




No Report.




Dennis C. Calvey KD9HIK reported the FB page is enjoying moderate activity as SARC brings-up our effort carefully.




Need Chair.


Special Events Committee:


No report.




Leo Ribordy N9NBH not present.




Don Dewar KD9NJR demonstrated a compressive go-box he has assembled, described the equipment’s capability, and provided attendees with cheat-sheets for local machines and band assignments.


Old Business:


Bob Langsfeld WB9TZC noted our website displays outdated information concerning the Salvation Army information.  He will work with our Webmaster to update.


New Business: 


Don Dewar KD9NJRd noticed our By-Laws require any Director to be a member of the original 1976 club formation; an obvious item that needs updating.


Our Net Script (N9RJV web-site’s guide for controllers) needs updating. Dennis C. Calvey KD9HIK will work with our Webmaster to adjust the verbiage.  Dennis also discussed NetLogger software and described the benefits of standardization on using the tool within the club.  There are some hams who are concerned their home address is easily disclosed but the FCC requires that information to be easily obtained anyway.  Additionally, membership authorization with QRZ ($35 annually) is required to use the software.


Adjourn: 7:35 PM.


NOTE: after adjournment and at the end of the subsequent Presentation session, several Virtual Attendees expressed their gratitude that Don KD9NJR was able to utilize his ZOOM account tonight but were troubled with the 40-minute connection limit.  Pierre Berube K9EYE moved to have SARC purchase a ZOOM account and Steve Karson AC9EM seconded.  Since the meeting was no longer in session, their idea will be discussed at the March Board of Director’s Meeting.


Submitted February 17, 2023

K9QD Secretary