Local Radio Tower History

March 6, 2024
Our club has an active email reflector (SARC-All) which discusses all things related to radio as well as club business. From time to time we post excerpts from some of the general radio discussions. Kirk K9MSG started the discussion Recently I’ve been near the southeast corner of Bloomingdale [Illinois – Ed.]. I’ve often looked up … Continue reading "Local Radio Tower History"

Construction Project February 10, 2023

February 12, 2024
By Joe KB9RCR We generally find equipment randomly coming through the door for repair and/or calibration. SARC is blessed to have rather extensive test equipment/parts and more importantly are blessed with several members with really good technical skills to find and solve circuit challenges. Over the years there have been many pre-organized construction projects that … Continue reading "Construction Project February 10, 2023"

Heat Sink Milling for Dummy Load

November 14, 2023
During a recent construction project club members built dummy loads for testing radios. The loads required a heat sink and club member Bob W9GEW provided materials and machine time from his business to help produce those. He provided this video of the machining process. 

Belvidere Hamfest Video

November 10, 2023
Robert W9RKK took this short video when he attended the CFMC Belvidere Hamfest and a few fellow SARC members stopped by.

Fox Hunt Season Wrap Up

November 8, 2023
by Jim KB9RGU Well , it’s over. Summer that is. Oh, and the Foxhunt season as well. October 28th 2023, the last of the four Saturday Foxhunts is in the books.  We changed the hours at the suggestion of a couple participants. Started at 1500 and finished at 1600, welcomed  sunshine on a cool and … Continue reading "Fox Hunt Season Wrap Up"