VE Testing Returns!

March 25, 2021
Our VE testing will be administering amateur radio license tests on the first Saturday of each month at Schaumburg Tennis Plus, the same location as the construction project. There continue to be some COVID-19 restrictions on testing. Please read more on the VE Testing page.

History of Grounding

March 15, 2021
From Cliff K9QD 220, 221- Whatever it takes.  Electric Utility Service Drop…and why the service drop to the consumer has a center-tapped transformer grounded to earth. Wiring diagram of today’s typical single-family service entrance panel: Note the Utility Transformer’s center-tap is grounded at the pole.  Also, the consumer’s service entrance panel and Neutral/Equipment bonding bars … Continue reading "History of Grounding"

Vacuum Fluorescent Displays (VFDs)

February 25, 2021
We’ve had an ongoing discussion on our internal message board SARC-all about nixie tubes, vacuum fluorescent displays and designing circuits to drive them. One of our members, Mike AC9CG, has a long history working for a VFD manufacturer and compiled a very nice history and technical overview of the devices. His notes follow. –Ed. VFD … Continue reading "Vacuum Fluorescent Displays (VFDs)"