HF Portable at Busse Woods, July 27th 2019

By: Mike Griffiths, KD9KMV
Robert W9RKK and Kevin K9MKD at Busse Woods

SARC club members turned up for an impromptu outdoor radio session at Busse Woods Forest Preserve on the morning of Saturday July 27th.

Under the shade of a tall tree, we were able to find a nearby picnic table, which allowed us to get our antennas in the air and setup our radio equipment:

  • Robert W9RKK – Elecraft K3 radio and end-fed 40/20m wire antenna.
  • Kevin K9MKD – Yaesu ATAS 120 antenna.
  • Mike KD9KMV – FT-891 radio and 20m dipole/telescopic mast

There was an IOTA HF contest taking place that weekend, which made for a lot of activity and several contacts around North America, and even the Dominican Republic.

While we were there, Kevin K9MKD worked on adding new ground radials to his antenna.

Here are a few other photos taken while we played radio.


If you are interested in operating outdoors, please also check out details of the club’s  SARC in the Park program.


Club Dinner: Sunday, September 29

The Lucky Monk is located off of Barrington Road, by the South Barrington AMC Theater, and has been kind enough to allow our club members a private room to enjoy a great time with our spouses and each other. It will be an evening to relax and enjoy each other’s company with good food and drink.

We will start the party at 4:00PM. Everyone will be responsible for their own dinner and drink charges however SARC is ordering and covering the cost of appetizers. We will be able to choose from a limited menu.

The room will accommodate 40 people so please advise me if you would like to attend and if you will be bringing your significant other. Since the room limit is 40 people, please only sign up if you actually will attend as others may be turned away.

Further information will be coming in the days ahead as plans are finalized.

Send your response to:

John KD9KSH (members can use the roster to contact John)


SARC in the Park – August 10th, 2019

By: Mike Griffiths, KD9KMV
SARC in the Park August 10th 2019

We had another good turn out for last weekend’s SARC in the Park, with a nice mix of regular and new faces.  Band conditions were difficult, at least on 20m and 40m, which made it hard to make too many contacts, especially running QRP.  The Maryland QSO party helped a little, and I did manage to work a station in CA, but it took a lot of patience!  Bob W9DXR had an equally tough time on CW (also QRP), but his perseverance paid off and we all ended up making contacts.

In addition to the regular portable radio setups, Dave K9KBM brought along his J-Pole antenna to test, one of the club’s other recent group projects.  With the help of Robert W9RKK’s antenna analyzer, they found that it was very well tuned for 2m and 70cm.  Quoted from Dave, “The SWR on 2m was 1:1 and on 440 was 1.2:1. Thanks for sponsoring the build, it was the best project for the club yet.”

Here is a list of people that came out, apologies if anyone was missed:

K9KBM Dave N9MBH Leo KD9KMV Mike KD9HIK Dennis W9KAO Kent
KI7GCJ Nick N9MVO Rob AC9EM Steve KD9HIJ Ken
W9DXR Bob W9RKK Robert KD9KSH John K9MKD Kevin

Here are some more photos we took during the morning…

For more information about this regular club event, please check out the SARC in the Park link.

The POD ‘Deconstruction’ Project – August 24th, 2019

By: Mike Griffiths, KD9KMV

Bright and early this past Saturday morning, a total of 9 club members gave up an hour or so of their time and met at the water tower site in Schaumburg.

The goal was to empty and relocate the contents of the storage POD back into the pump house building.  This goal was successfully achieved!

Thank you to each of you that came out to help.

Kent W9KAO Ron WB9PTA Cliff K9QD
Rob N9MVO Phil WB9C Robert W9RKK
Photos from Robert W9RKK

SARC in the Park – August 24th, 2019

By: Mike Griffiths, KD9KMV
6m Hantenna on display at SITP

As we draw close to the end of SARC in the Park season, another great weather day set the scene for more portable radio fun last Saturday morning.

Bill KD9AUP brought a homebrew 6m Hantenna, which can be seen in the photos.  We tested it out and it worked great, making some local SSB contacts.

Thanks to Steve AC9MM and Kevin K9MKD for supplying the donuts!

Remember, the last SITP for the year is scheduled for September 14th, weather permitting, which then brings us to the start of the club’s  Construction Project Meetings, beginning on September 28th.

Here are some more photos from the morning:


For more information about this regular club event, please check out the SARC in the Park link.

Schaumburg Amateur Radio Club Board of Directors Meeting August 7th, 2019

Board of Directors Meeting,  7 August 2019

Chairman Leo Ribordy N9NBH called the meeting to order at 7:00 pm and noted that there was a quorum.


Frank Giampa N9QPD///Jim Campbell KB9RGU///Danny Kafka KD9HIL///

Robert Kocourek W9RKK///Dennis Calvey KD9HIK///John Douglass KD9KSH

Edward Lishka AC9SD///Burt Schultz AB9CV///Ken Krzywicki KD9HIJ///Leo Ribordy N9NBH

John Zietlow K9WIC///Cliff Sowka K9QD///Kent Ochs W9KAO///Chris Brewer AC9GN

Treasurer’s Report:

Chris AC9GN submitted the report covering 7/1/2019 through 7/31/2019.

Beginning balance—————-$5996.70

Income——————–$653.54 (dues)

Expense——————-$316.96 ($61.53 data line, repeater maintenance)

Ending balance———————$6338.288

Current number of fully paid members: 66

A motion to accept the Treasurer’s report was made by Frank N9QPD and seconded by Danny KD9HIL. Motion carried.

President’s Report:

Leo N9NBH: In reference to the proposed by-law changes, we will need the Board approval to move forward. More information will be coming on this matter. He will also look into getting the names of the net controllers on the monthly calendar.

Secretary’s Report:

Ken KD9HIJ: Approval of the BOD minutes from 7/3/2019 as published in the RHG. A motion to accept was made by Frank N9QPD and seconded by Danny KD9HIL. Motion carried.

There has been no response from the Township as to the status of the last section of the tower that was donated to SARC.

A thank you letter was sent to Rebecca KA9EFE thanking her for the ongoing provision of the snacks at our monthly club meetings.


No report.


John K9WIC reports that there are two Schaumburg activities coming up in September  and October. He will be supplying more information on this as it develops. Also, next  year the Hoffman Estates Fire Department will be sponsoring a morning to afternoon half marathon. More information will be forthcoming on this.


John KD9KSH has been to several restaurants to look for a suitable location for the Club dinner. The prices and attendee requirements were not acceptable. He did find a suitable location at The Lucky Monk in South Barrington. They were willing to work with the Club and provide a room and prices that was acceptable. Two dates available for the activity are 9/15/2019 and 9/29/2019. While dinner is being prepared, there are appetizers available. A motion to select the 9/29/2019 date was made by Frank N9QPD and seconded by Danny KD9HIL.

After some discussion, the motion was amended to appetizers being SARC provided.

The motion carried. John KD9KSH will go ahead and book the facility for September 29th.


Leo N9NBH: The Technician class scheduled to begin in September is on track to begin at the Hoffman Estates Library. So far there are eleven people signed up. There are no restrictions of residency. Any one may attend. Burt AB9CV who is a foundation member of the Mount Prospect Library will post a notice of the class on their bulletin board.

VE Testing:

No report.

Public Service:

No report.


No report. Cliff K9QD has a short video he can bring to the next Club meeting if no program is available.


No report.

EBay Sales:


Old Business:

There is some urgency to empty the POD and store our equipment elsewhere. The costs of the rental are growing. Leo N9NBH will contact Rob N9MVO to see if the pump house painting project is complete so that we may move the equipment there. Also, Leo will advise Rob that Kent W9KAO has two battery packs that can be used for the repeater at the water tower.

Cliff reports that the basement of the tennis club is once again overflowing with equipment that needs to be moved. It was suggested that this be a winter project with volunteers to sort, price and prepare items for sale at the upcoming ham fests.

Cliff will look into advertising the tower on Craig’s List, and posting a sign if he goes to the Belvidere Ham fest. Leo N9NBH suggested that A SARC all message be sent out to see if there is any interest from the members in purchasing the tower.


Bob N9JAX reported via email that he had one contact from a Tom Biers in reference to getting his Tech license. He was referred to our upcoming Technician class.

New Business:

With the resignation of Peter from the Board, Leo N9NBH has appointed Burt AB9CV to fill the vacancy for the remainder of the term which has one and a half years left. Other Board members concurred unanimously and Burt AB9CV has accepted the responsibility. This appointment becomes effective immediately. A note to Matt, Mike and Bruce will be sent so that Burt is put on the SARC Board list. In November there will be an election for some of the BOD.

Motion to Adjourn:

With no further business to conduct a motion to Adjourn was made by Ken KD9HIJ and seconded by Burt AB9CV. Motion carried and the meeting was adjourned at 8:10 pm.


On 7/25/2019 Leo was net control. Sign ins included:

Leo N9NBH///Rob N9MVO///

Robert W9RKK///Orson NN9N///Ed AC9SD///Steve AC9EM///Daryl KB9RHR///

Mike KD9KMV///Phil WB9C///Dennis KD9HIK///Dave KD9LEV///Mike KC9SOA///

Ken KD9HIJ///Pierre K9EYE

On 8/1/2019 Steve AC9EM was net control. Sign ins included:

Robert W9RKK///Mike KD9KMV///Orson NN9N///Dave KD9LEV///Doug W9YFC///John KD9KSH///

Daryl KB9RHR///Gary N9VU///Ed AC9SD///Kevin KB9QVX///Chris KD9ESD///Phil WB9C///

Al KD9EPZ///Owen KF5IV///Leo N9NBH///Pierre K9EYE///Joe N8XVE///Rob N9MVO///

Russell KC9NUV (mobile marine-port Washington, WI)///Richard N9EEE///  Steve AC9EM.

(See reverse page.)


Respectfully submitted August 2019.

Ken Krzywicki KD9HIJ


Schaumburg Amateur Radio Club Business Meeting August 15th, 2019

Schaumburg Business Meeting      15 August 19, 2019

Vice President Danny Kafka KD9HIL called the meeting to order at 7:00 pm.

Tonight’s question was; what got you into ham radio?

Rebecca KA9EFE continues to provide the Club with wonderful snacks.


Danny Kafka KD9hil///Mel Luxenberg W9FRT///Bill Crockett KD9AUP

John Douglas KD9KSH///John Zietlow K9WIC///Jim Campbell KB9RGU///Frank Giampa N9QPD

Ed Lishka AC9SD///Cliff Sowka K9QD///Mike Clodfelter AC9CG///Leo Ribordy N9NBH

Steve Karson AC9EM///Burt Schultz AB9CV///Ken Krzywicki KD9HIJ///Dennis Calvey KD9HIK

Bob Zuttermeister W9GEW///Rick Dickens KY0Q///Jason Rausch KE4NYV

Bob Benwitz N9JAX///Bob McIntyre W9DXR

Treasurer’s Report:

From the BOD meeting 7 August 2019, the Treasurer’s report covered 7/1/2019 through 7/31/2019.

Beginning balance———$5996.70

Income————————$653.54 (dues)

Expense———————–$316.96  ($61.53 data line: repeater maintenance)

Ending balance————–$6338.28

Current number of paid members is 66

A motion to accept the Treasurer’s report was made by Frank N9QPD and seconded by Steve

AC9EM. The motion carried.

President’s Report:

Geoff KA9QGH unable to attend. No report.

Secretary’ Report:

Approval of minutes of July 18th, 2019 as published in RHG.

Motion to accept by Burt AB9CV and seconded by Leo N9NBH. Motion carried.


Dennis KD9HIK reports that the notices of the Tech class have resulted in 11 applicants.


Rob N9MVO has determined that the repeater needs new batteries. A new pack is going to cost in the area of $400.00. A motion to go ahead with the purchase at the best price available was made by Leo N9NBH and seconded by Ken KD9HIJ.

The motion carried.


Bob N9JAX received one inquiry about the Tech class and referred that individual to the upcoming class.


John K9WIC said that the ½ marathon in Hoffman Estates could have been better. He felt that we should have able to do more for the activity. No problems; just not to his satisfaction.

There are other activities coming up in September and October that he will advise on.


Rob N9MVO noted that there were 13 sign ins and 4 radios going August 10th. Good weather.


John KD9KSH has booked a room at the Lucky Monk for our Club dinner on September 29th.   We are responsible for our individual checks but the Club is paying for the appetizers.   The room holds 40 people and you may contact John via email to get on the list.


Leo N9NBH has his instructors lined up for the upcoming Tech Class and so far there are 11 people who have signed up.


No report.

VE Testing:

John AC9JS submitted a report for the month of August. One person tested.

Name: Jack     Call: KD9NRM   Class: Technician

Participating VE’s:

Bill K9WKD///Steve AC9EM///Ed AC9SD///William KW9WR///John AC9JS

Next exam date is September 7th 2019. Number of candidates tested year to date is 51.

Public Service:

Rob N9MVO reported on the Schaumburg Triathlon. SARC volunteers numbered 22, and the activity went well. No problems were reported and as before Rob will be looking to improve our service.


Leo N9NBH needs a substitute control operator for the 2nd Tuesdays of each month. Check in with Leo if you’re available to fill in.

Old Business:


New Business:

Rob N9MVO is going to contact PW in Schaumburg and determine if the pump room paint project is complete. The costs for the POD by the tower is going up and hopefully we can get the equipment out of the POD and into the pump room. More information is forthcoming.

In reference to the Rohn 45 we received from the Township, Leo N9NBH hasn’t received one bid on it. Suggestions include advertising it on Craig’s List, E-Bay, and posting signs at the Ham fests.

Motion to Adjourn:

Motion to adjourn made by Ken KD9HIJ and seconded by Robert W9RKK. Motion carried.

V.P. Danny KD9HIL adjourned the meeting at 7:58 pm.

Guest Speaker:

Mel W9FRT will donate to the Club a 5 element ring quad if it can be adapted to work on a HT. He was asked to bring it to construction project where “we have the technology” to meet his challenge.

Cliff K9QD presented two films; “Processing integrated circuits” and VOA “Art of demolition”.

In addition there were visual aids passed around the room showing different circuits. Very informative presentation.


On Saturday August 10th, the following members signed in:

Leo N9NBH///Rob N9MVO///Robert W9RKK///Kevin K9MKD

Mike KD9KMV///Steve AC9EM///John KD9KSH///Kent W9KAO

Dave K9KBM///Nick KI7GCJ///Bob W9DXR///Dennis KD9HIK///Ken KD9HIJ.

Tech Net:

Rob submitted the following sign ins for tech net August 13th, 2019:

Bill KD9AUP (net control)///Rick N9HLG///Robert W9RKK///Orson NN9N

Mike K9KQX///Ken KD9HIJ///Bill W9WEM///Al KD9FIA///Rob N9MVO

Doug W9YFC///John KD9KSH///John K9WIC///Mike KD9KMV///Bob W9DXR

Topic of the night was about grounding. Do you have outside antennas?  Do you use the Franklin “key in a bottle” technique? Do you have surge suppressors? Are you grounded to a central point?


After the meeting and the speakers, Bill W9WEM gave me all the receipts for the expenses he incurred for food on Field Day. Those receipts have been mailed to our Treasurer for reimbursement.

Respectfully submitted on 17 August 2019.

Ken Krzywicki


SARC Awards Two Scholarships for W9DXCC

For the second year in a row the Schaumburg Amateur Radio Club awarded two scholarships to the W9DXCC DX Convention and Contest University taking place in September. The convention is a who’s who of contesters and DXers in “9 land.” That is call signs with the number 9 in them: Illinois, Indiana and Wisconsin. Presentations will include logging software, antennas, propagation and reports from upcoming and recent DXpeditions.

President Geoff Stevens KA9QGH announced the winners via the club’s message board. Congratulations to Dennis KD9HIK and Steve AC9EM. Dennis has been with the club for about 3 years, is an avid DXer and holds the position of Publicity Chair for the club.  Steve is a longtime member and has held many positions in the club as well as organized many activities.

The convention is open to anyone and takes place on September 13 and 14, 2019 in St. Charles. You can purchase tickets through their website.