K9KMV: Testing a new antenna with some friends

Early in December 2020, I went out to Busse Woods Forest Preserve to test out a new antenna; the AL-705 Magnetic Loop from Alpha Antenna.

It is a low power (20W) very portable magnetic loop covering 40m to 10m, designed and built by Alpha Antenna and marketed by ICOM, as part of their IC-705 portable field radio package. It can of course be used with any radio, as long as power is kept below the 20W maximum.

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K9KMV: Parks On The Air Attempt – K-1012

On November 27th 2020, the day after Thanksgiving, I headed out to Moraine Hills State Park (K-1012) for a POTA activation.  I had been there before, so I knew roughly where I wanted to setup my radio gear.

My plan was to setup with my QRP radio, the IC-703 Plus, and give the Wolf River Coils Silver Bullet vertical a good try out.  I had used it before, but without much success, so this time I had put together a few 32 foot radials which I hoped would improve things.

Setting it up wasn’t hard.  The coil screws into a mini tripod, and then I add an MFJ 1979 telescopic whip which I extend out to 102”.  I chose this length because it is one of the options that WRC suggest, even though the whip I have can go longer.  With the help of my antenna analyzer, I was able to tune the SWR to a decent level on 40m. Continue reading “K9KMV: Parks On The Air Attempt – K-1012”

RHG December 2020

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