President’s Report September 2018

This month’s RHG will be fairly brief. As you know I’ve been busy outside of Ham radio for the last month or so and this publication and the less frequent web site updates show this. I have been able to keep tabs on the club through meeting minutes and SARC-All and I’m very happy to see the club has continued to keep busy.

I’d like to thank everyone who helped clear out a lot of equipment from our construction project location, as well as those of you who toted it to two hamfests and organized our online auction for the items. I’d also like to thank Bob WG0L and Peter N9POL for bringing in VU2RBI as our guest speaker at this month’s club meeting.

Don’t forget that the Illinois QSO Party is October 21 from noon to 8pm local time. It’s an easy exchange in this contest you give your signal report and county, such as “59 Cook.” You’ll get back a signal report and either a state or county. The great thing about this contest is everyone will be looking for you!