SARC in the Park – Saturday May 11th 2019

By: Mike Griffiths, KD9KMV

With Spring almost here (hi), comes the beginning of the SARC in the Park season. On Saturday May 11th, the Schaumburg Amateur Radio Club held their first one of 2019 in the grounds of the Schaumburg Community Recreation Center.

WX was a little wet and unseasonably chilly, but it didn’t deter people from coming out and we had a good flow of visitors from 8 am through to noon.

Several club members enjoy deploying their portable radio gear, and discussing ideas and experiences to improve upon their setups.  SARC in the Park is the perfect place for this, and all members and non-members are welcome to join.  This is usually held on the second and fourth Saturdays of each month, subject to weather conditions, with the exception of Field Day weekend.

Here are a few photos of members and the setups that were used.


Portable stations were deployed by Robert (W9RKK), Mike (KD9KMV), Rob (N9MVO) and Bob (W9DXR).  Bill (KD9AUP) brought his 80 meter OCF dipole to try out.

Kevin (KD9MKD) brought his ZumSpot mobile digital hotspot to show us his Yaesu Fusion setup.  Kevin also made his first ever HF contact under the KD9KMV Control Operator!

Remember, SARC in the Park is open to all members and non-members, so please come on out to the next one and enjoy some good chat, and of course play radio.

Mike, KD9KMV