From the President: Holiday Party

Hello All,

I want to take this opportunity to thank everyone who attended our club holiday party last night. I also want to thank John KD9KSH for setting up a great party. John has put in hours of planning, preparation, and probably tears to make his efforts look easy. I assure you this isn’t the case. Making a task look easy is key to having a relaxing, fun event for everyone attending. Thanks again, John!

At the party the club was awarded a Certificate of Appreciation for our support of the SATERN program. This is a two-way program as the club also benefits from the SATERN program. SATERN provides trained emergency operators and opportunities for hams to put their skills to good use.

I am honored, humbled, and embarrassed to have received multiple awards last night. Many people enjoy being noticed and appreciated. They use this as motivation and affirmation of their efforts. Of course, I’m not in the majority. I am motivated by the response of the people I’m helping. A smile and a thank you are reward enough for me, but thank you again for last night’s recognition.

Congratulations to all of the raffle winners. You all have very unique gifts that may not be something you need (except the 2019 ARRL Periodical CD). Feel free to trade with other hams for something more suited to your needs. If you enjoyed the prizes let us know; maybe next year we can have some hotel bacon and a furry toilet seat to raffle off!

Most of all I want to thank all of the club members who made the trek to the Lucky Monk to share stories, spread gossip, and just have in-person fun. All of us are the club; there is always room on a plaque or an award for you. Just share an idea, help by volunteering for an event, or plan a party. I found myself looking around the room at various tables and thinking about how this strange group of people from different backgrounds, upbringings, and professions seemed to have one thing in common, they like to talk, with or without radios!

Thank you all for your vote of confidence and I will try not to disappoint you.

73, Don