Fox Hunt Season Wrap Up

by Jim KB9RGU

Well , it’s over. Summer that is. Oh, and the Foxhunt season as well. October 28th 2023, the last of the four Saturday Foxhunts is in the books.  We changed the hours at the suggestion of a couple participants.

Started at 1500 and finished at 1600, welcomed 🌞 sunshine on a cool and windy day. The change in hours worked out very well, and may be permanent.

 The hunt started with four teams but equipment issues sidelined a couple of  the hunters. Participants were K9HIK, W9RKK, K9FNM and son, and W9KAO. W9KAO was first to find.

Howard kd9wsv, the Fox, had the stuffed Fox on the hood of his FOXMOBILE, so it was a little easier to locate.

Fun for all on the last Saturday of the month.