Ways to improve your HF SSB audio – by Mike K9KQX

Audio Scope view on the IC-7300

Ways to improve your HF SSB audio – by Mike Sorensen, K9KQX

Not many of us have probably given much thought on how we sound on the other end of a QSO. We figure the mic we got will do just fine and the rig will do its magic to get out on the air. Well, there are quite a few things you can do with many of today’s rigs to improve the overall enjoyability of your time on the air. Continue reading “Ways to improve your HF SSB audio – by Mike K9KQX”

250W Dummy Load – Construction Club project

Several of our members have offered (seed funding also begun) to organize a worthy build for our Construction Project Meetings.

Club members have the opportunity to join this group construction project, which is to build an essential piece of equipment for their shack:

What: 50 Ohm Dummy Load. Consists of Extruded Heat Sink, 250W 50-Ohm RF Resistor, SO-239 Connector, Professional Machining
When: Now! Anticipating builds to start >January Construction Project meetings
How: Reserve your Dummy Load with a $10 commitment via payment to SARC.  Please reply to Cliff Sowka K9QD via the SARC ALL email group to confirm your intent.

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